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A rotating sawblade which bounces around the screen. Sawblades are Orbs.


Sawblade Entropy.png

Sawblades have a lifespan number attached to them. This starts at 5 by default. When the lifespan hits 1, the sawblade will flash red. At 0 lifespan they will explode, destroying everything in a 5x5 area. In normal circumstances, a sawblade will reduce their lifespan by 1 when they collide with Strangers, Loot, items, Landmarks or monsters. This will destroy the object the sawblade collided with.

Sawblades do not destroy bosses, or special objects like stairs.


Sawblades can be created by items, or several other game mechanics:

Sawblade Related Items

Image _pageName Description Cost
Broken Sawblade After opening 100 cells, spawn a Sawblade. 0 coins
Caltrops Spawn a Sawblade. Until your next mistake, your Sawblades can reveal flagged cells. If the flagged cell was empty, your Sawblade loses 1 lifespan. 44 coins
Chainsaw [200 Mana] Spawn a Sawblade on target empty cell and set its lifespan to the length of your chain. 35 coins
Clusterbang Launch 3 Sawblades. 19 coins
Lumberjack's Memento Spawn a Sawblade at the start of the next dimension and set its lifespan equal to the number of orbs you had. 0 coins
Millstone Decrease the lifespan of your Sawblades each turn. Spawn a Sawblade whenever a status effect is completed. 37 coins
Pacemaker Whenever you lose exactly 1 life, spawn a Sawblade. Whenever a Sawblade explodes, restore 1 life. 17 coins

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