Scholar Mastery

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Scholar Mastery
Scholar Mastery.png

Tier I Begin the quest with Quest for Quests.
Tier II Whenever a status effect is completed, restore 1 life and solve a cell.
Tier III [5 Charges] Complete all of your status effects.
Unlock I Unlock by completing a quest in Normal or above with 3 or more status effects.
Unlock II Unlock II by completing a quest in Normal or above with 5 or more status effects.
Unlock III Unlock III by completing a quest in Normal or above with 7 or more status effects.

The Scholar Mastery is focused on using the Quest for Quests.png Quest For Quests to create helpful Status Effects.

General Uses

Starting with a quest for quest makes the scholar mastery very hit or miss as one of the main benefits of scholar how much it can snowball out of control. Every quest for quest has the potential to give you another 2 quest for quests so with a bit of luck you can end up getting 4 or 5 useful quests out of it. Most of the time, however, you tend to get around 2 or 3 quests that have other effects for a run out of quest for quest. The worst quest to get is generally quest for piety because, although it can be useful for getting rid of omens, its effect happens 100 turns from when you use the item and you generally never need more than 1. All of the other quests generally also are more useful either by means of survivability or utility with the quest for riches. Items like leftovers also synergize with scholar mainly due to them almost always having some status effect to keep going and because every completed status effect heals you as a scholar.

Technique: Toxic

Stage mods with toxic are not an issue for scholar mainly because you can't generally be killed by poison as a scholar. You take damage and instantly heal and even if you have 2 health and 20 poison omens that all go off at once you won't die because it does each instance individually as opposed to all at once. Because of this, the poison omen isn't actually a bad omen for them. It's if anything just a neutral omen that you can fill your inventory with entirely to prevent yourself from picking up new items if you have a good run or are something to base your run around with items that work off of omens such as the Cauldron, the Hellstone_Chestplate, or the Scythe.

Uses for your Mastery Ability

Completing all of your current status effects mainly works as a bit of a healing potion but also has uses in completing status effects early so that you have more options to work with by having access to resources earlier than you normally would.


  • v1.58 Scholar II buff: "Whenever a status effect is completed, restore 1 life and solve a cell."(was "Whenever a status effect is completed, restore 1 life.")