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Score (or Points) is a statistic used to rank players on a leaderboard for each quest. Score is gained through Awards, which are given after completing a stage. Each award gives a different amount of score, and has certain qualifications that must be met to receive them (for example, completing a stage without taking damage).


-Victory: Awarded upon completing a stage. Score given depends on monster count, stage size, stage power, and stage mod difficulty. Killing monsters during a stage can lower this score, so presumably spawning more monsters during a stage can increase it.

-Flagless: Awarded if you completed the stage without flagging a cell. Gives score equal to 50% of the Victory award, rounded up.

-Untouchable: Awarded if you completed a stage without losing any health. Gives score equal to 25% of the Victory award, rounded up.

-Fast: Awarded if you complete a stage quickly. Three times are set at the beginning of a stage, depending on the difficulty of a stage. Based on your speed, you may get an insanely fast award, a super fast award, or a fast award. Score given depends on how fast you were, up to a maximum of 100% of the score the Victory award would give.

-Thrifty: Awarded if there are at least 3 uncompleted and unlocked special stages on the world map. Specific amount of score given is currently unknown.

-Boost: Awarded if you have any EXP boosts remaining. Gives no score.

-Achievements: Awarded if you completed any achievements during the stage. Gives no score.

-Charitable: Awarded if you left certain loot behind. Gives a flat amount of score depending on what loot was left behind.

Score Related Items

Image _pageName Description Cost
Ambrosia Every 400 cells opened, win the current stage. 20 coins
Dreamborne [1000 Mana] Completes the current stage. 100 coins
Fruit Of Labor After 50 turns without making a mistake, you win the current stage. 25 coins
Tablet of Drocer Redeem at the end of this quest for 50 points. 0 coins

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