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A negative effect acquired from various Bosses, Omens and Stage Mods. Seal is represented by a lock icon over an inventory slot. The item in that slot can no longer be used. If a slot is sealed but slots before it are not, it's possible to move an item into an unsealed state by consuming, selling or otherwise losing items from the player's inventory in slots before the seal since the inventory will shuffle up to fill the empty space but the seal remains in place.

Seal Related Items

Image _pageName Description Cost
Basilisk Eye [100 Mana] Solve a number of random cells equal your sealed inventory slots plus 1. 25 coins
Bust Spawners are more common. Whenever an inventory slot would become sealed, you have a 50% chance to negate the effect. 4 coins
Divine Pound of Flesh Seal your last active inventory slot instead of taking damage. When you lose this item, unseal all of your inventory slots. 50 coins
Medusa Head [400 Mana] Convert all visible strangers into spawners of the same type, then unseal an inventory slot for each stranger converted this way. 19 coins
Padlock Every 50 turns, seal or unseal your entire inventory. 0 coins

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