Simple Robe

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Simple Robe
Simple Robe.png
Description [1 Armor] Better than nothing.
Category Consumable
Cost 3 coins

Simple Robe is a chest armor.

Divine Simple Robe
Divine Simple Robe.png
Description [1 Armor] Double the durability whenever you complete a stage that has 2 or more stage mods.
Category Consumable
Cost 7 coins
Source Antimatter.png Antimatter
(Divine Items)
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  • Cobweb.png 2 Cobweb
  • Kelp.png 1 Kelp


Simple Robe can be fortified with Spindle.

Knight Mastery.png Knight Mastery starts with a simple robe.


  • v1.45 (Divine) buffed from "fortify by 1" to "double the durability"