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A soul gains 1 max life and 1 life.

Soul.png Souls appears in stages as grey heart Objects, or are granted directly by many effects.

Soul Related Items

Image Name Description Cost
Toasted Marshmallow.png Toasted Marshmallow Gain a soul. If you have any pathfinding, gain 3 souls instead. 0 coins
Guild Bond.png Guild Bond For 25 seconds, whenever you spend coins on a stranger, gain a soul. 9 coins
Wand Of Retribution.png Wand Of Retribution [300 Mana] Automatically discharges after you take damage and kills all visible monsters. Gain 1 soul for each monster killed. 10 coins
Celestial Scarab.png Celestial Scarab Whenever you discover a cell of value 6 or greater, gain 2 souls. 11 coins
Zeal of Love.png Zeal of Love Spawn a heart. If you have to guess, convert all visible hearts to souls. 11 coins
Barbecue.png Barbecue [100 Mana] Consume a random meat item to gain a soul. 15 coins
Divine Barbecue.png Divine Barbecue [200 mana] Destroy all of your Minions and spawn 2 souls for each. 15 coins
Divine Scythe.png Divine Scythe Gain 1 soul whenever you gain an omen. At the end of each stage, restore your life to max if you have at least 3 omens. 15 coins
Ponderer's Pipe.png Ponderer's Pipe When you complete a stage, gain 1 soul if you took no damage. 15 coins
Quest for Prosperity.png Quest for Prosperity After opening 100 cells without making a mistake, gain 4 souls. 15 coins
Rainbow Trout.png Rainbow Trout Gain souls equal to the different types of visible auras. 15 coins
Resolute Horn.png Resolute Horn When you complete a stage, gain 2 souls for each heart you leave behind. 15 coins
Black Belt.png Black Belt When you enter a stage, gain souls equal to the number of times your mastery's ultimate ability has been activated. 16 coins
Crystal Veins.png Crystal Veins Whenever you pick up a diamond, gain 1 soul. 16 coins
Divine Bonfire.png Divine Bonfire [150 mana] Burn target sign and gain 3 souls. 16 coins
Magic Munchies.png Magic Munchies Gain a soul, plus 1 soul for every 200 mana you have. 17 coins
Shinobi Veil.png Shinobi Veil [1 Head Armor] When this breaks, gain souls and defense equal to the number of special stages you have completed. 18 coins
Last Supper.png Last Supper Gain 1 soul for each consumable item you have. For the next 300 turns, you cannot restore life. 19 coins
Scrap Hopper.png Scrap Hopper [25 Mana] Destroy target chest. The next time you open a chest, gain 1 soul. 19 coins
Mantis.png Mantis When you enter a stage, gain 1 soul for every stage mod. 20 coins
Alcohol.png Alcohol Full heal, then gain souls equal to your life. Every 5 turns, you lose 1 life. 21 coins
Cryomancy.png Cryomancy When you target a cell with a magic item, it gains Frozen. When you complete a stage, gain 1 soul for each Frozen cell of value 5 or greater. 22 coins
Electromancy.png Electromancy When you target a cell with a magic item, it gains Electric. When you complete a stage, gain 1 soul for each Electric cell of value 5 or greater. 22 coins
Elixir.png Elixir Gain between 1 and 3 souls. 22 coins
Pyromancy.png Pyromancy When you target a cell with a magic item, it gains Burning. When you complete a stage, gain 1 soul for each Burning cell of value 5 or greater. 22 coins
Scythe.png Scythe When you complete a stage, gain 1 soul for each omen you have. 22 coins
Essence of Strength.png Essence of Strength [100 Mana] Gain souls equal to one-tenth the sum of target visible 3x3 area, rounded down. 25 coins
Golden Apple.png Golden Apple Gain 3 souls and lose all of your coins. 25 coins
Grapes.png Grapes Gain souls equal to your defense and defense equal to your lives, up to a maximum of 5 each. 26 coins
Bone Casket.png Bone Casket Item chests also contain Bones. If you are not injured when you bury Bones, gain souls instead of restoring life. 30 coins
Survivor Doll.png Survivor Doll Gain souls equal to your mastery charge cost when your ultimate ability is activated. 30 coins
Yarn of Life.png Yarn of Life Whenever you create a 5-turn chain of value 2 or greater, gain 1 soul. 30 coins
Dove.png Dove Every 200 cells opened gain 1 morality. If your morality is 10 or greater, gain a soul. 31 coins
Blood Golem.png Blood Golem Every 100 cells you open, gain 1 Soul. 35 coins
Spirit Jar.png Spirit Jar [800 Mana] Gain souls equal to the number of stages you have completed. 37 coins
Maul.png Maul When you enter a stage, the first cell you chord becomes a powerchord. Every 10 monsters you kill, gain a soul. 38 coins
Queen of Hearts.png Queen of Hearts [200 Mana] Spawn hearts on visible cells in target 3x3 area. Convert any hearts that were already in this area into souls. 45 coins
Shadow Siphon.png Shadow Siphon [120 Mana] Gain souls equal to the value of target visible non-empty cell, then destroy whatever is in it. 50 coins
Transcendence.png Transcendence Heart drops become souls. 50 coins
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