Spawn of Satan

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Spawn of Satan
Spawn of Satan.png
Lv2 Mythic Emblem
Effect First stage has no stage mod

Second stage gains

Third stage gains

Fourth stage gains

Boss stage gains

Boss Hellspawn
Sigil Lv2 "Unholy"
Divine Garlic.png Garlic
Cost Token.png100 Tokens

Flesh.png100 Flesh
Antimatter.png100 Antimatter

Radium.png100 Radium

Spawn of Satan is a Beyond mode Emblem.

"The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist."



Drop Condition

Mythic Drop Spawn of Satan.png

When a monster spawns from Pentagram.png Pentagram on a Womb Stage there is a small chance (~1/100 ?) you will obtain Spawn of Satan.

It is recommended to increase the size of the target stage with Miracle Seed.png Miracle Seed then use Ethermancy.png Ethermancy in conjunction with Event Horizon.png Event Horizon, Astral Spike.png Astral Spike or Sphere of Influence.png Sphere of Influence to make as many cells as possible into viable targets. Then simply Shadow Siphon.png Shadow Siphon the monsters away, use Pentagram.png Pentagram, Mirror.png Mirror a Super Mana Potion.png Super Mana Potion, reset the level with Magic Smoke Bomb.png Magic Smoke Bomb and repeat.


The boss has two boss mods.