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Special Chest Loadout.png

Special Chests are objects that can appear in place of normal Chest.png Chests.


Each type of special chest has an immediate effect when opened, and gives an item with a related keyword.

You may set one type of special chest in your loadout before beginning a quest. Your selected special chest has a 10% chance to replace regular chests.

The keyword items that drop from chests are still limited by the normal chest coin range, which is based on Stage Power. If only one keyword item is in the price range it will always drop. If all the keyword items are too expensive, you will get a random non-keyword cheaper item. Present Chest.png Present Chest is the exception, it ignores the coin limit instead of having a theme.

Unlock Conditions

Crit Chest Unlock 01.png

Each type of special chest must be unlocked. Quests have a ~10% chance to have a locked chest. If one is present:

  • In a stage near the start of the quest, find a hint sign
  • Somewhere in the first half of the quest, use the hint to obtain the Treasure Key.png Treasure Key
  • In a stage in the second half of the quest, find a new type of special chest and use the key to unlock it.
Crit Chest Unlock 02.png

This type of chest will now be available in your loadout. You do not need to win the quest.

Stage Keys

A sign says "There is a secret in STAGE_NAME!"

In that stage, obtain the key by interacting with an object or cell.

Type Action
Bagman Pay the bagman multiple times
Barrel Click it
Meteorite Use it
Nomad Buy from the nomad selling "keys"
Obelisk Succeed in the obelisk's challenge
Sanctified Cell Target with magic item
Spawner Activate it until it breaks

Password Keys

A hint sign says a password, such as a sequence of numbers.

Password Action
Customer's Activate a Stranger with a coin price equal to or higher than each of the code values, in order
Chorder's Chord the indicated cell values in order (you can still manually open cells between the different chords)
Shopkeeper's In an item shop, click on the indicated item for sale in order
Monk's Lose items* from the indicated inventory slots
Moneybag's Collect coins or diamonds in the order of the passcode
Wizard's Use magic items to target areas with each of the indicated total cell values in order
*Duplicate consumable items are consumed in order of first in inventory, no matter which one you click. This makes Monk's password more difficult.

Special Chests

Img Chest Item Effect
Ally Chest.png Ally Familiar Spawn a familiar, convert familiars to strong familiars
Bone Chest.png Bone Bone Bury Bones
Bubble Chest.png Bubble Bubble This chest spawns in a bubble
Clay Chest.png Clay copies an item Gain souls equal to your highest number of duplicate
Counter Chest.png Counter Negate This chest will sacrifice itself to negate fatal damage
Crit Chest.png Crit Chord Activate 2x Brass Knuckles.png Brass Knuckles
Dire Chest.png Dire Guess Gain a revive if you have to guess
Double Chest.png Double Chest Spawn another chest in this cell
Electric Chest.png Electric Electric Apply electric to all other cells in this column
Elemental Chest.png Elemental Aura Apply random elemental auras to all cells in this column and row
Explosive Chest.png Explosive Explode Explodes a 3x3 area, radius +1 per visible 5 or greater
Fire Chest.png Fire Burning Launch flares in all directions
Friendly Chest.png Friendly Stranger Spawn a stranger for each visible 4 or greater
Golden Chest.png Golden Coin Gain coins equal to visible currency
Holy Chest.png Holy anti-omen Transform a random omen into Ancient Evil.png Ancient Evil
Ice Chest.png Ice Frozen Apply Frozen to a 5x5 area
Labyrinth Chest.png Labyrinth Pathfinding Gain 5% pathfinding if you have none, otherwise gain 1%
Love Chest.png Love Life Gain 1 soul
Lucid Chest.png Lucid Solve Solve a random cell for each visible 4 or greater
Magic Chest.png Magic Magic Gain 50 mana for each visible 4 or greater
Mastery Chest.png Mastery Mastery Gain 1 mastery charge
Merchant Chest.png Merchant Shop Uncomplete a special stage, reduce visible stranger prices by half
Metal Chest.png Metal Armor Repair armor to base durability
Minion Chest.png Minion Minion Gain 3 minions
Munition Chest.png Munition Weapon Reveal a random monster then kill all visible monsters
Radioactive Chest.png Radioactive Poison.png Poison This cell gains Toxic. Spread Toxic when Poison activates. Reveal Toxic cells and kill any living objects within
Plant Chest.png Plant Hungry Plant Spawn a hungry plant on a numbered cell and kill all nearby monsters
Present Chest.png Present any value Transforms items on the stage into presents
Prophecy Chest.png Prophecy normal chest 3 Tokens and a blueprint
Regal Chest.png Regal Legendary If you have a legendary item before, launch a blessing north
Time Chest.png Time Status Pass 50 turns
Undercover Chest.png Undercover Glean Glean all hidden cells around visible 5 or greater
World Chest.png World Stage Reduce the stage power by the number of stages completed
Halloween Chest.png Halloween Halloween Spawn 3 Spooker.png Spookers, visible strangers put on masks
Christmas Chest.png Christmas Christmas Spawn Soft Snow.png Soft Snow, apply Frozen to a random cell, visible strangers put on Christmas hats
Easter Chest.png Easter Easter Spawn 3 Easter eggs in hidden cells when you open this chest. This chest contains an Easter item.

Special Chest Related Items

Image Name Description Cost
Hook Hand.png Hook Hand Your guaranteed chests will be Special Chests. Activate special chest effects twice. 26 coins


The chests for Seasonal Events are time limited, as the unlocks are found in the associated Mythic Emblem.

When having a quest non-specific clue to find a key, a different text may appear on objects.

  • A meteorite will have a changed rewards text which becomes "surely you will get something in return?".


  • v1.72 Added: Easter Chest
  • v1.66 Added: Christmas Chest, Radioactive Chest
  • v1.65 Added: Munition Chest
  • v1.63
    • Added: Elemental Chest, Mastery Chest
    • Loosened requirements for Halloween Chest
  • v1.60 Mechanic added
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