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Stages are the minesweeper game boards on which DemonCrawl is played.

A Quest consists of a sequence of stages and Special Stages. The five main quests of the game each have 10 fixed stages in order. Other game modes recombine or modify these 50 stages, plus a few others.

Stage Properties

Apocalyptic Dangerous Hearth.png


The first two Stage Mods are added to the base stage name. A Forest stage with the Dark mod.pngDark mod is a "Dark Forest".

Combination stages add one of the stages combined as an adjective. A combined Tower and Forest stage with the Dark mod.pngDark mod could appear as either a "Dark Towering Forest" or a "Dark Wooded Tower".

Power level

The Stage Power is a range of the minimum and maximum possible Damage values you can take when you make a Mistake. Max stage power increases the possible value of Chest.png Chests.

Monster count

The number of Monsters in the stage. Stages can't have fewer than 1 monster or more than 95% of their cells be monsters. Monster density directly affects loot rarity, and also scales the effectiveness of rare loot modifiers from other sources.

Cell count

The number of cells in the stage. The normal maximum size of a stage is 2025.

Flavor text

For flavor text descriptions of each stage, see Stage Descriptions.

Stage mods

Stage Mods appear as a row of icons below the stage stats.

List of Stages

Quest 1 - Glory Days

Quest 1 - Glory Days
Stage Artifact Monster Divine Item Unique Sign Endless
Forest Log.png Log Spider
Rare Drop: Golden Ring.png Golden Ring
Divine Handaxe.png Divine Handaxe BEWARE: MONSTERS NEARBY Wooded
Cavern Ore.png Ore Ooze
Rare Drop: Book of Defense.png Book of Defense
Divine Pickaxe.png Divine Pickaxe WATCH YOUR HEAD Cavernous
Desert Cactus.png Cactus Scorpion
Rare Drop: Celestial Scarab.png Celestial Scarab
Divine Ankh.png Divine Ankh HAS ANYONE SEEN THE OASIS? Desert
Strand Conch.png Conch Lobster
Rare Drop: Treasure Amulet.png Treasure Amulet
Divine Soothing Shell.png Divine Soothing Shell THE OLD WORLD ENDS HERE Stranded
Ocean Pearl.png Pearl Jellyfish
Rare Drop: Magic Amulet.png Magic Amulet
Divine Spyglass.png Divine Spyglass TIP: SWIM Oceanic
Tropics Nut.png Nut Monkey
Rare Drop: Mud.png Mud
Divine Binoculars.png Divine Binoculars THIS SIGN IS WRITTEN IN ANOTHER LANGUAGE Tropical
Volcano Lava.png Lava Magma
Rare Drop: Sundrop.png Sundrop
Divine Lantern.png Divine Lantern THIS VOLCANO COULD ERUPT AT ANY MOMENT! Volcanic
Wilds Tumbleweed.png Tumbleweed Orc
Rare Drop: Mutton.png Mutton
Divine Mud.png Divine Mud <- VOLCANO THAT WAY Wild
Arctic Icicle.png Icicle Yeti
Rare Drop: Sapphire of Frost.png Sapphire of Frost
Divine Voucher.png Divine Voucher HELP! IT IS VERY COLD HERE! Polar
Brink Corestone.png Corestone Beholder
Rare Drop: Astrolabe.png Astrolabe
Divine Slingshot.png Divine Slingshot THIS IS NOT THE END Frontier

Quest 2 - Respite's End

Quest 2 - Respite's End
Stage Artifact Monster Divine Item Unique Sign Endless
Farm Wheat.png Wheat Chicken
Rare Drop: Hatchling Scale.png Hatchling Scale
Divine Scythe.png Divine Scythe BE CAREFUL WHO YOU TRUST Rustic
Alcove Dew.png Dew Lizard
Rare Drop: Lucky Bamboo.png Lucky Bamboo
Divine Puzzle.png Divine Puzzle EVEN MONSTERS NEED A QUIET SPOT Secluded
Grotto Arrowhead.png Arrowhead Bat
Rare Drop: Batwing Boots.png Batwing Boots
Divine World Map.png Divine World Map THE HIEROGLYPHS WERE MEANT TO WARN US Subterrane
Hallow Limpwort.png Limpwort Owl
Rare Drop: Ponderer's Pipe.png Ponderer's Pipe
Divine Cauldron.png Divine Cauldron BEWARE: MONSTERS NEARBY Hallowed
Swamp Algae.png Algae Frog
Rare Drop: Feral Fibers.png Feral Fibers
Divine Thornseeker.png Divine Thornseeker DANGER: FROGS Muddy
Graveyard Tombstone.png Tombstone Skeleton
Rare Drop: Skull.png Skull
Divine Thief Bag.png Divine Thief Bag HERE LIE YOUR REMAINS Grave
Dungeon Cobweb.png Cobweb Reaper
Rare Drop: Scythe.png Scythe
Divine Trapper.png Divine Trapper YOU WILL NOT MAKE IT OUT OF HERE ALIVE Prison
Memory Dream.png Dream Gastropod
Rare Drop: Soothing Shell.png Soothing Shell
Divine Time Capsule.png Divine Time Capsule NOTHING IS REAL Dreamy
Tribe Energy.png Energy Centaur
Rare Drop: Wooden Bow.png Wooden Bow
Divine Totem.png Divine Totem THE ANCESTORS WELCOME YOU Tribal
Shrine Bead.png Bead Disciple
Rare Drop: Occultic Pendant.png Occultic Pendant
Divine Present.png Divine Present AND NOW... WE BECOME ONE WITH GOD Sanctified

Quest 3 - Another Way

Quest 3 - Another Way
Stage Artifact Monster Divine Item Unique Sign Endless
Blossom Petal.png Petal Deer
Rare Drop: Druid Staff.png Druid Staff
Divine Timepiece.png Divine Timepiece IT IS NOT SAFE HERE Blossoming
Island Doubloon.png Doubloon Tortoise
Rare Drop: Trapper.png Trapper
Divine Wager.png Divine Wager WELCOME TO PARADISE Island
Mountain Boulder.png Boulder Minotaur
Rare Drop: Handaxe.png Handaxe
Divine Forge Hammer.png Divine Forge Hammer HUMANS NO WELCOME Rocky
Garden Nectar.png Nectar Hornet
Rare Drop: Flower Fibers.png Flower Fibers
Divine Watering Can.png Divine Watering Can HELP YOURSELF TO THE STRAWBERRIES Fertile
Ruins Vestige.png Vestige Cyclops
Rare Drop: Cudgel.png Cudgel
Divine Wishbone.png Divine Wishbone BEWARE ... Ruined
Skies Cloud.png Cloud Harpy
Rare Drop: Truthsayer Quill.png Truthsayer Quill
Divine Halo.png Divine Halo WAKE UP Skyward
Fungus Spore.png Spore Shroom
Rare Drop: Glowspore.png Glowspore
Divine Witchcraft.png Divine Witchcraft DO NOT BREATHE IN THE SPORES!! Fungal
Sewer Waste.png Waste Rat
Rare Drop: Wallet.png Wallet
Divine Capitalism.png Divine Capitalism LEAVE THIS PLACE WHILE YOU STILL CAN Septic
Prefecture Umbra.png Umbra Warden
Rare Drop: Key of Undoing.png Key of Undoing
Divine Dark Ink.png Divine Dark Ink OBEY Industrial
Machine Circuit.png Circuit Experiment
Rare Drop: Chaos Portal.png Chaos Portal
Divine Gearcheck.png Divine Gearcheck congratulate_hero(you);delusion++; Artificial

Quest 4 - Around the Bend

Quest 4 - Around the Bend
Stage Artifact Monster Divine Item Unique Sign Endless
Delta Teardrop.png Teardrop Seaman
Rare Drop: Fishing Pole.png Fishing Pole
Divine Dice.png Divine Dice COSTS ONE PENNY TO CROSS OVER. NO REFUNDS. River
Ash Soot.png Soot Wanderer
Rare Drop: Candle.png Candle
Divine Whip.png Divine Whip WHERE ARE ALL THE FLOWERS? Ashen
Quarry Mercury.png Mercury Cerberus
Rare Drop: Iron Will.png Iron Will
Divine Bugle.png Divine Bugle BEWARE OF DOG Basin
Vale Bramble.png Bramble Hydra
Rare Drop: Salamander.png Salamander
Divine Horseshoe.png Divine Horseshoe IT GETS DARKER. Valley
Bloodway Ichor.png Ichor Ectoplasm
Rare Drop: Hematic Crystal.png Hematic Crystal
Divine Coffee.png Divine Coffee MILES TO GO. Coursing
Storm Lightning.png Lightning Hurricane
Rare Drop: Purify.png Purify
Divine Boomerang.png Divine Boomerang LIGHTNING WAS HERE. Stormy
Blight Rot.png Rot Gorgon
Rare Drop: Medusa Head.png Medusa Head
Divine Barbecue.png Divine Barbecue KEEP AWAY (I'M FULL OF TERMITES) Blighted
Rapture Radium.png Radium Cthulu
Rare Drop: Nightmare Gut.png Nightmare Gut
Elysium Wing.png Wing Deity
Rare Drop: Shoulder Angel.png Shoulder Angel
Divine Holy Ring.png Divine Holy Ring PROPERTY OF ZEUS. DO NOT TOUCH Elysian
Hell Brimstone.png Brimstone Demon
Rare Drop: Shoulder Devil.png Shoulder Devil
Divine Shadowbind.png Divine Shadowbind WOW, WHAT ARE THESE SIGNS MADE OF Hellfire

Quest 5 - Shadowman

Quest 5 - Shadowman
Stage Artifact Monster Divine Item Unique Sign Endless
Entropy Antimatter.png Antimatter Particle
Rare Drop: Magnifying Glass.png Magnifying Glass
Divine Simple Robe.png Divine Simple Robe WHERE AM I? Quantum
Lagoon Kelp.png Kelp Worm
Rare Drop: Spybug.png Spybug
Divine Bonfire.png Divine Bonfire 10,000 BC Primordial
Galaxy Star.png Star Alien
Rare Drop: Moon.png Moon
Divine Muscle.png Divine Muscle IN SPACE NO ONE CAN HEAR YOU MISCLICK Galactic
Womb Flesh.png Flesh Abomination
Rare Drop: Dagger.png Dagger
Divine Blood Magic.png Divine Blood Magic DON'T ASK HOW I MANAGED TO GET THE SIGN IN HERE Fleshy
Convoy Oil.png Oil Android
Rare Drop: Gearcheck.png Gearcheck
Divine Substitute.png Divine Substitute WELCOME UNIT 7R-V39! WE HOPE YOU SLEPT SOUNDLY Metal
Metropolis Steel.png Steel Mindsweeper
Rare Drop: Brainwash.png Brainwash
Hinterland Tusk.png Tusk Lich
Rare Drop: Skull Ring.png Skull Ring
Divine Fairy.png Divine Fairy IT IS NOT TOO LATE TO ABORT THIS QUEST Nowhere
Tower Rope.png Rope Stages of Grief
Rare Drop: Key.png Key
Divine Sturdy Bow.png Divine Sturdy Bow IT WILL BE OK Towering
Glass Shard.png Shard Reflection
Rare Drop: Clarity.png Clarity
Divine Mirror.png Divine Mirror YOUR ENDURANCE IS ADMIRABLE Glass
Minefield Shrapnel.png Shrapnel Human
Rare Drop: Bomb.png Bomb
Divine Mortar.png Divine Mortar TAKE COVER! Wartime

Other Stages

Other Stages
Stage Artifact Monster Divine Item Unique Sign Endless
Metagate None Lifeform
Cannot drop items.
None None
R Redvein.png Redvein Lifeform
Cannot drop items.
Divine Matchbook.png Divine Matchbook ILIAACTFI R
G Greenvein.png Greenvein Lifeform
Cannot drop items.
Divine Mantis.png Divine Mantis OD G
B Bluevein.png Bluevein Lifeform
Cannot drop items.
Divine Bomb.png Divine Bomb N ISRO B
Reef Coral.png Coral Jellyfish
Rare Drop: Magic Amulet.png Magic Amulet
Divine Demon Seed.png Divine Demon Seed SECRET STAGE 01 Submerged
Crypt Worm.png Worm Reaper
Rare Drop: Scythe.png Scythe
Divine Rotting Head.png Divine Rotting Head SECRET STAGE 02 Buried
Wonder Poppy.png Poppy Shroom
Rare Drop: Glowspore.png Glowspore
Divine Miracle Seed.png Divine Miracle Seed SECRET STAGE 03 Wonderful
Doom Guts.png Guts Cthulu
Rare Drop: Nightmare Gut.png Nightmare Gut
Divine Doomcall.png Divine Doomcall SECRET STAGE 04 Doomed
Hearth Mistletoe.png Mistletoe Elf
Rare Drop: Present.png Present
Divine Marshmallow.png Divine Marshmallow SECRET STAGE 05 Fireside
Christmas Snowball.png Snowball Elf
Rare Drop: Present.png Present
Divine Stocking.png Divine Stocking SANTA'S WATCHING Yuletide
Halloween Pumpkin.png Pumpkin Zombie
Rare Drop: Rotting Head.png Rotting Head
Divine Jack-O-Lantern.png Divine Jack-O-Lantern DON'T DEAD OPEN INSIDE Allhallows
October 8th, 1990 None Unknown None None ...

Accessing Secret Stages

  • Reef has a 5% chance to replace Ocean.
  • Crypt has a 5% chance to replace Dungeon.
  • Wonder has a 5% chance to replace Fungus.
  • Doom has a 5% chance to replace Rapture.
  • Hearth has a 5% chance to replace Christmas.
    • The stage replacement occurs at the start of a quest. The secret stages have different level graphics on the stage select screen.
    • Exiting and reentering the secret levels (by dark chest/smoke bomb/Flawless mod.pngFlawless mod etc) will not reroll the secret level into its regular counterpart since the replacement occurs at the start of the quest.
    • Secret levels can be encountered in Endless Multiverse.
    • Secret level replacement happens in Beyond mode. For example, using Ocean stage Pearl.pngPearl artifacts will generate Reef stages 5% of the time. Reef stage Coral.pngCoral artifacts always give Reef.
  • Holiday seasonal stages can only be replayed out of season in a Beyond quest, by using the appropriate beyond artifact for the entrance fee, previously obtained during the holiday.
    • Christmas: during the Christmas event, Snowball.pngSnowballs randomly spawn in quests.
    • Hearth: during the Christmas event, Mistletoe.pngMistletoe can be obtained from a Snowman.png Snowman. Or use Snowball.pngSnowballs for the 5% chance.
    • Halloween: during the Halloween event, Pumpkin.pngPumpkins randomly spawn in quests.


  • October 8th, 1990 is a very special stage. It is supposed to be accessed at the end of Shadowman and can be completed in two ways, by either clicking a mine (bad ending) or by clicking on the stairs in a hard mode run (good ending). Solving the stage in Normal will result in the bad ending. The stage cannot be solved in Hard, the player is forced to exit via the stairs.
  • October 8th, 1990 is the date of the release of Microsoft Entertainment Pack 1 which contained the first official release of Minesweeper.
  • By using glitches, the monsters in October 8th have been identified as beholders but there is no way to confirm this in normal play.
  • The item Worldclay.pngWorld Clay was removed from the game as of Sweeping Heights v1.41. It allowed the generation of random stages in beyond mode, including all the secret stages and even October 8th, 1990. This was a way to get snowballs out of season.

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