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Your Stats are your lives, maximum lives, coins and defense.

Stats Related Items

Image Name Description Cost
Divine Rewind.png Divine Rewind Every 100 turns, set your stats to their current values. 10 coins
Singing Bowl.png Singing Bowl Whenever you pick up an item with a full inventory, clear your inventory and triple your stats. 14 coins
Rewind.png Rewind After 20 turns, reset your stats to their current values. 18 coins

Heart.png LivesKnight.png DefenseCoin.png Coins
RevivesInventoryArmor.png ArmorMasteryLevelToken.png TokensSigil
DamageMistakeTurnChordPowerchordGleanChainDuplicastExplodeManaManalockStatus EffectMinionFamiliarAuraSealStage ModsScoreGuess
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