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A status effect is an effect with a limited lifespan, or an effect that triggers after a certain amount of time. Every status effect currently active is displayed on the left side of the screen. Status effects that progress with turns or cells opened are displayed in white numbers, status effects that have special conditions for finishing are displayed with a hyphen, and status effects that progress with seconds passed are displayed in orange numbers.

The Scholar Mastery.png Scholar mastery is concerned with status effects.

Status Effect Related Items

Image _pageName Description Cost
Canteen [100 Mana] Remove all ongoing status effects. 8 coins
Hourglass [100 Mana] Double the duration of your status effects. 10 coins
Leeches Remove all status effects and any items they are related to. Restore 1 life for each status effect removed this way. 5 coins
Leftovers Whenever a status effect expires, gain the same status effect. 35 coins
Melted Clock Triple the duration of your status effects. 0 coins
Millstone Decrease the lifespan of your Sawblades each turn. Spawn a Sawblade whenever a status effect is completed. 37 coins
Scholar's Memento Start the next dimension with your first 5 status effects. 0 coins
Timepiece [100 Mana] Cut the duration of your status effects in half. 10 coins
Wishlist Activate the completion of all of your status effects. The status timers are unaffected. 16 coins

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