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Strangers are living Objects that usually want to sell you something.

On death, strangers have chance to drop related items. All of them also have a chance to drop Bones.


Nomad.png Sells mana, a magic item, a legendary item, one of the Mastery Dolls, or a random consumable. Sometimes instead wants to buy an item from your inventory, or exchange an item you have for a different item. Has no limit to how many times they will sell you their item or service but each subsequent time, the price will increase. Will buy multiple copies of one item from you at decreasing prices. If a Tarot Card is used, all Nomads will change their stock.

The Nomadic mod.pngNomadic mod spawns large amounts of Nomads.


Item Category Cost
Treasure Pouch.png Treasure Pouch Consumable 6 coins
Simple Robe.png Simple Robe Consumable 3 coins
Calling Card.png Calling Card Consumable 5 coins
Voucher.png Voucher Consumable 10 coins
Pennywise.png Pennywise Consumable 15 coins
Wishlist.png Wishlist Consumable 16 coins
Smoke Bomb.png Smoke Bomb Consumable 4 coins
Big Wallet.png Big Wallet Legendary 8 coins
Shop Key.png Shop Key Magic 15 coins
Canteen.png Canteen Magic 8 coins
Taxes.png Taxes Omen 0 coins
Extravagance.png Extravagance Passive 35 coins
Extra Pocket.png Extra Pocket Passive 4 coins
Wallet.png Wallet Passive 4 coins
Bust.png Bust Passive 19 coins
Shopping Bag.png Shopping Bag Passive 7 coins
Golden Amulet.png Golden Amulet Passive 35 coins
Bindle.png Bindle Passive 25 coins
Capitalism.png Capitalism Passive 9 coins
Charge Coin.png Charge Coin Passive 25 coins
Golden Ring.png Golden Ring Passive 16 coins


Mercenary.png Becomes a familiar upon purchase, will roam randomly and is strong enough to kill monsters.


Item Category Cost
Calling Card.png Calling Card Consumable 5 coins
Banner.png Banner Magic 14 coins
Bugle.png Bugle Magic 24 coins
Blowpipe.png Blowpipe Magic 37 coins
Brainwash.png Brainwash Magic 15 coins
Nunchucks.png Nunchucks Magic 23 coins
Punchbag.png Punchbag Passive 17 coins
Drum of War.png Drum of War Passive 28 coins
Whip.png Whip Passive 14 coins
Book of Combat.png Book of Combat Passive 12 coins
Brotherhood Crest.png Brotherhood Crest Passive 18 coins
Sword.png Sword Passive 27 coins
Dagger.png Dagger Passive 10 coins
Muscle.png Muscle Passive 11 coins

Hungry Plant

Hungry Plant.png Consumes a random item from your inventory. Gives a present, coins, or mana if fed the specified number of times.


Item Category Cost
Firm Fibers.png Firm Fibers Consumable 8 coins
Miracle Seed.png Miracle Seed Consumable 5 coins
Apple.png Apple Consumable 5 coins
Demon Seed.png Demon Seed Consumable 9 coins
Spybug.png Spybug Consumable 9 coins
Morning Glory.png Morning Glory Consumable 5 coins
Flower Fibers.png Flower Fibers Consumable 8 coins
Fruit of Labor.png Fruit of Labor Consumable 25 coins
Vitality Sprig.png Vitality Sprig Magic 20 coins
Bloomberries.png Bloomberries Magic 19 coins
Lotus.png Lotus Magic 40 coins
Gnarled Branch.png Gnarled Branch Omen 0 coins
Lucky Bamboo.png Lucky Bamboo Passive 5 coins
Herbs.png Herbs Passive 27 coins
Lucky Leaf.png Lucky Leaf Passive 50 coins
Sapling.png Sapling Passive 18 coins
Happy Little Tree.png Happy Little Tree Passive 14 coins
Peach.png Peach Passive 8 coins
Mucilage.png Mucilage Passive 17 coins


Blacksmith.png Will craft a random piece of armor of the advertised type (head, body, leg) in 7-15 turns. Though they can only drop 4 distinct pieces of armor, they can craft any armor in the game.


Item Category Cost
Mithril Helmet.png Mithril Helmet Consumable 60 coins
Steel Chestplate.png Steel Chestplate Consumable 60 coins
Tongs.png Tongs Consumable 9 coins
Welding Mask.png Welding Mask Consumable 19 coins
Bronze Chestplate.png Bronze Chestplate Consumable 25 coins
Bronze Helmet.png Bronze Helmet Consumable 15 coins
Bronze Boots.png Bronze Boots Consumable 8 coins
Steel Boots.png Steel Boots Consumable 20 coins
Forge Hammer.png Forge Hammer Consumable 6 coins
Steel Helmet.png Steel Helmet Consumable 40 coins
Horseshoe.png Horseshoe Consumable 7 coins
Heart of Steel.png Heart of Steel Consumable 30 coins
Drill.png Drill Magic 18 coins
Evermetal.png Evermetal Magic 22 coins
Crucible.png Crucible Magic 5 coins
Magic Hammer.png Magic Hammer Magic 24 coins
Shield.png Shield Passive 15 coins
Pickaxe.png Pickaxe Passive 14 coins
Iron Will.png Iron Will Passive 17 coins
Sledgehammer.png Sledgehammer Passive 25 coins
Book of Defense.png Book of Defense Passive 17 coins
Steel Golem.png Steel Golem Passive 35 coins


Pyro.png Fires Flares in one direction, will rotate clockwise for a price.


Item Category Cost
Burning Boots.png Burning Boots Consumable 18 coins
Molotov.png Molotov Consumable 9 coins
Wand Of Embers.png Wand Of Embers Magic 7 coins
Bonfire.png Bonfire Magic 18 coins
Fireball.png Fireball Magic 34 coins
Ruby of Flame.png Ruby of Flame Magic 21 coins
Torch.png Torch Magic 11 coins
Hot sauce.png Hot sauce Omen 0 coins
Matchbook.png Matchbook Passive 25 coins
Salamander.png Salamander Passive 9 coins
Friendly Fire.png Friendly Fire Passive 15 coins


Waterboy.png Shoots a Bubble and rotates every turn, encasing any Object that is hit inside of it. Can be paid to move one space, will not enter undiscovered tiles. The direction that they fire their bubble and also the direction they will move is indicated by a small green arrow.


Item Category Cost
Fish.png Fish Consumable 0 coins
Bubble Wrap.png Bubble Wrap Magic 22 coins
Bubble Rod.png Bubble Rod Magic 30 coins
Suds.png Suds Magic 22 coins
Fishing Pole.png Fishing Pole Passive 21 coins
Drinking Straw.png Drinking Straw Passive 25 coins
Spitwad.png Spitwad Passive 15 coins
Dreamcatcher.png Dreamcatcher Passive 10 coins
Friendship Ring.png Friendship Ring Passive 16 coins


Priest.png Removes an Omen and sanctifies all other cells with objects.


Item Category Cost
Halo.png Halo Consumable 15 coins
Quest for Piety.png Quest for Piety Consumable 15 coins
Last Supper.png Last Supper Consumable 19 coins
Clarity.png Clarity Consumable 8 coins
Amber of Healing.png Amber of Healing Magic 21 coins
Godly Goblet.png Godly Goblet Magic 26 coins
Holy Water.png Holy Water Magic 19 coins
Patron Saint.png Patron Saint Magic 7 coins
Purify.png Purify Magic 50 coins
Chastity Belt.png Chastity Belt Omen 0 coins
Rosary.png Rosary Passive 30 coins
Blessed Clasp.png Blessed Clasp Passive 21 coins
Justice Juice.png Justice Juice Passive 20 coins
Transcendence.png Transcendence Passive 50 coins
Book of Faith.png Book of Faith Passive 19 coins
Tithing Plate.png Tithing Plate Passive 15 coins
Holy Ring.png Holy Ring Passive 15 coins
Gospel.png Gospel Passive 19 coins
Exorcist Doll.png Exorcist Doll Passive 30 coins


Bagman.png Empowers enemies by up to 3 points, can be bribed to bring down empowerment by 1 each time. Upon reaching 0, further bribes will lower enemy damage by up to 3 points.

The Baglord boss makes Bagmen more dangerous.


Item Category Cost
Bandana.png Bandana Consumable 25 coins
Adrenaline.png Adrenaline Consumable 9 coins
Dire Potion.png Dire Potion Consumable 0 coins
Thief Bag.png Thief Bag Magic 17 coins
Cudgel.png Cudgel Magic 17 coins
Vampiric Blade.png Vampiric Blade Magic 33 coins
Pursecutter.png Pursecutter Magic 12 coins
Extortion.png Extortion Omen 0 coins
Blackmail.png Blackmail Omen 0 coins
Totem.png Totem Passive 18 coins
Shoulder Devil.png Shoulder Devil Passive 25 coins
Dirty Soap.png Dirty Soap Passive 20 coins
Rasp.png Rasp Passive 20 coins
Dagger.png Dagger Passive 10 coins
Hook Hand.png Hook Hand Passive 26 coins


Elder.png Activates your Mastery's active ability.

You do not need to have unlocked or purchased the ability.


Item Category Cost
Time Capsule.png Time Capsule Consumable 11 coins
Battery.png Battery Consumable 16 coins
Quest for Rest.png Quest for Rest Consumable 15 coins
Lantern.png Lantern Magic 15 coins
Abacus.png Abacus Magic 40 coins
Cardiac Arrest.png Cardiac Arrest Omen 0 coins
Book of Truth.png Book of Truth Passive 18 coins
World Wonder.png World Wonder Passive 16 coins
Philosopher's Stone.png Philosopher's Stone Passive 30 coins
Monocle.png Monocle Passive 14 coins


Gambler.png Pay him to reveal a random hidden cell. If it was empty he moves there, but if it has a monster he dies and you get all his money. He starts with a small amount of money. Has a chance to randomly lose some held money every few turns. Has a very small chance to randomly win a ton of coins.


Item Category Cost
Alcohol.png Alcohol Consumable 21 coins
Dice.png Dice Consumable 5 coins
Wager.png Wager Consumable 7 coins
Quest for Riches.png Quest for Riches Consumable 15 coins
Drugs.png Drugs Consumable 5 coins
Loan.png Loan Consumable 15 coins
Magic Dice.png Magic Dice Magic 24 coins
Ace of Spades.png Ace of Spades Magic 27 coins
Fool's Gold.png Fool's Gold Omen 0 coins
Taxes.png Taxes Omen 0 coins
Extra Pocket.png Extra Pocket Passive 4 coins
Golden Ring.png Golden Ring Passive 16 coins
Poker Chip.png Poker Chip Passive 25 coins
Ironbank.png Ironbank Passive 12 coins


Doctor.png Heals you for a fee, then charges you another fee when you complete the stage.


Item Category Cost
Super Health Potion.png Super Health Potion Consumable 30 coins
Health Potion.png Health Potion Consumable 14 coins
Sleeping Powder.png Sleeping Powder Consumable 4 coins
Brain in a Vat.png Brain in a Vat Magic 12 coins
Surgical Saw.png Surgical Saw Magic 14 coins
Comforter.png Comforter Passive 9 coins
First Aid.png First Aid Passive 27 coins
Bloodbank.png Bloodbank Passive 12 coins
Scalpel.png Scalpel Passive 22 coins
Mana Lung.png Mana Lung Passive 34 coins
Life Amulet.png Life Amulet Passive 35 coins
Stethoscope.png Stethoscope Passive 25 coins
Life Ring.png Life Ring Passive 16 coins


Mage.png Uses the effect of a specific targeted magic item on a random location. Then requires you to generate an varying amount of mana before activating him again.


Item Category Cost
Mana Potion.png Mana Potion Consumable 10 coins
Super Mana Potion.png Super Mana Potion Consumable 30 coins
Wizard Robe.png Wizard Robe Consumable 35 coins
Wizard Hat.png Wizard Hat Consumable 20 coins
Magical Bean.png Magical Bean Consumable 10 coins
Quest for Sorcery.png Quest for Sorcery Consumable 15 coins
Archmage Sceptre.png Archmage Sceptre Legendary 38 coins
Magic Bones.png Magic Bones Magic 22 coins
Talisman.png Talisman Passive 19 coins
Magic Spoon.png Magic Spoon Passive 15 coins
Manabank.png Manabank Passive 12 coins
Arcane Staff.png Arcane Staff Passive 30 coins
Book of Spells.png Book of Spells Passive 17 coins
Magic Amulet.png Magic Amulet Passive 15 coins
Toad.png Toad Passive 25 coins
Wizard Bracers.png Wizard Bracers Passive 14 coins
Enchanting Rune.png Enchanting Rune Passive 21 coins


Scribe.png Provides bonuses related to Heirlooms.


  • Reactivate heirloom slots (allows the player to gain more than one heirloom in a run).
  • Copy the items from player's first three inventory slots into their heirloom slots (the only way to get a legendary heirloom).
  • Adds 1 to each of the player's heirlooms (the only way to get more than 3 of an heirloom).


Item Category Cost
Quest for Prosperity.png Quest for Prosperity Consumable 15 coins
Quest for Piety.png Quest for Piety Consumable 15 coins
Quest for Quests.png Quest for Quests Consumable 20 coins
Quest for Riches.png Quest for Riches Consumable 15 coins
Quest for Commerce.png Quest for Commerce Consumable 15 coins
Voucher.png Voucher Consumable 10 coins
Quest for Valor.png Quest for Valor Consumable 15 coins
Dark Ink.png Dark Ink Consumable 5 coins
Quest for Rest.png Quest for Rest Consumable 15 coins
Quest for Sorcery.png Quest for Sorcery Consumable 15 coins
Quest for Pets.png Quest for Pets Consumable 15 coins
Feather.png Feather Passive 6 coins
Truthsayer Quill.png Truthsayer Quill Passive 30 coins


Guide.png Provides bonuses related to Endless Multiverse. Normally spawns in the Metagate.


  • Passive Guide
  • Consumable Guide
  • Magic Guide
  • Armor Guide
  • Defense Guide
  • Revive Guide
  • Coin Guide
  • Mod Guide
  • Mastery Guide
  • Present Guide




Harbinger.png Causes a negative event when the stage ends. Can be bribed to leave.

Harbingers ask for 5-50 coins.

Possible prophecies:

Spawned only by the Apocalyptic Stage Mod or by Doomsteed. Doomsteed spawns harbingers with more powerful effects.


Item Category Cost
Clarity.png Clarity Consumable 8 coins
Dark Ink.png Dark Ink Consumable 5 coins
Altar of Blood.png Altar of Blood Magic 15 coins
Warning Sign.png Warning Sign Magic 29 coins
Profane Staff.png Profane Staff Omen 0 coins
Doomcall.png Doomcall Omen 0 coins
Shadowbind.png Shadowbind Omen 0 coins
Occultic Pendant.png Occultic Pendant Passive 18 coins


Snowman.png Pay 5-10 coins to gain a random positive effect.

(Christmas only stranger: spawned by Soft Snow.png Soft Snow during the Christmas Event)

Possible results:

Mistletoe is relatively rare.


Christmas items.

Stranger Related Items

Items that interact with Strangers

Image Name Description Cost
Groupie.png Groupie Each turn you click on an empty cell, a random visible stranger relocates to that cell. 0 coins
Lycan Snag.png Lycan Snag Every 20 turns, convert all strangers into monsters. 0 coins
Mark of Exile.png Mark of Exile You will not discover strangers. 0 coins
Santa Boots.png Santa Boots [4 Leg Armor] Every 40 turns, gain a Present if you just clicked on a cell with a value equal to the number of visible strangers wearing santa hats. 0 coins
Santa Hat.png Santa Hat [1 Armor] When equipped, fortify by the number of visible strangers wearing santa hats. Gain an additional token whenever you donate a Present to a stranger. 0 coins
Santa Robe.png Santa Robe [6 Body Armor] Fortify whenever you donate a Present to a stranger. 0 coins
Tongue of Dog.png Tongue of Dog You cannot interact with strangers. 0 coins
Calling Card.png Calling Card Spawn a random stranger. If you have at least 50 coins, spawn 3 random strangers instead. 5 coins
Tarot Card.png Tarot Card Transforms all loot, landmarks, and strangers into new objects of the same category. 5 coins
Patron Saint.png Patron Saint [20 Mana] Spend 5 coins on target stranger and convert it to a strong familiar. 7 coins
Beggar's Cup.png Beggar's Cup Activate all visible strangers for free. 8 coins
Guild Bond.png Guild Bond For 25 seconds, whenever you spend coins on a stranger, gain a soul. 9 coins
Fossil.png Fossil [50 Mana] Convert target stranger or monster into landmark. 10 coins
Handbell.png Handbell [80 Mana] Spawn a random stranger at target empty cell. 12 coins
Pursecutter.png Pursecutter [150 Mana] Steal coins from target stranger equal to his price. 12 coins
Rewards Card.png Rewards Card Reduce the prices of Item Shops and strangers by 3 coins. Whenever you spend at least 20 coins, gain a Present. 12 coins
Divine Cudgel.png Divine Cudgel [60 Mana] Kill strangers and landmarks in target visible 3x3 area. 15 coins
Friendly Fire.png Friendly Fire Strangers send a Flare in a random direction each turn. 15 coins
Merchant Amulet.png Merchant Amulet Strangers activate two additional times. 15 coins
Quest for Commerce.png Quest for Commerce After opening 100 cells without making a mistake, spawn 10 strangers. 15 coins
Spitwad.png Spitwad Strangers send a Bubble in a random direction each turn. 15 coins
Friendship Ring.png Friendship Ring Slightly increases your chance to find strangers. 16 coins
Cudgel.png Cudgel [30 Mana] Kill target stranger. 17 coins
Nemes.png Nemes Whenever you spend coins on a stranger, their cell gains Cursed. 17 coins
Occultic Pendant.png Occultic Pendant Monsters are strangers. 18 coins
Medusa Head.png Medusa Head [400 Mana] Convert all visible strangers into spawners of the same type, then unseal an inventory slot for each stranger converted this way. 19 coins
Loudhailer.png Loudhailer [200 Mana] Spawn random Strangers on zero-value cells within target visible 3x3 area. 28 coins
Vampiric Blade.png Vampiric Blade [140 Mana] Kill target visible monster or stranger and spawn a heart in its place. 33 coins
Friendship Amulet.png Friendship Amulet Doubles your chance to find strangers. 35 coins
Trust Buster.png Trust Buster Whenever you spend coins on a stranger, activate all other strangers. 45 coins
Viking Helmet.png Viking Helmet [6 Armor] Fortify by 2 whenever a stranger dies. 45 coins
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