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Tokens are the primary progression currency of Demoncrawl.

Earn Tokens

Use Tokens

Token Shop


Permanent upgrades, permanent quest unlocks and a few advanced consumables.

Cost Upgrade Description
5/10/20/50/100 Tokeneer I-V Slightly Increases your chance to find Tokens
30/30/30/30/30 Specialist I-V Gain a Favor slot.
5/10/20/50/100 Artificer I-V Adds 3% chance to find artifacts in item chests.
30 Crafter I Unlocks heirloom slot 1.
30 Crafter II Unlocks heirloom slot 2.
30 Crafter III Unlocks heirloom slot 3.
30 Crafter IV Reduces chance of crafting an Omen.
30 Crafter V Improves your chance to craft multiple items.
50/100/200/500/1000 Chaote I-IV Increase the maximum number of Sigils you can have to 20/30/40/50/100.
20/20/20/30/30 Hoarder I-V Gain a codex profile save slot.
5 XP Boost Earn double XP for the next 10 stages.
1/1/1/1 Quest II-V Unlocks the Nth quest.
3/3/3/3 H Quest II-V Unlocks the Nth quest on Hard.


After completing a Mastery's requirement, it becomes available in the Token Shop for 10/20/30 Tokens. (1/2/3 for the Novice Mastery)

Legendary Items

Some legendary items are unlocked in the shop with tokens. Buying these items adds them to the item pool on future runs.

Cost Legendary
10 Anvil.png Anvil
10 Hieroglyph.png Hieroglyph
10 Bone Casket.png Bone Casket
10 Sentry Gnome.png Sentry Gnome
20 Parrot.png Parrot
20 Fake Moustache.png Fake Moustache
30 Ointment.png Ointment
40 Electroscope.png Electroscope
50 Reaper Scythe.png Reaper Scythe
80 Sunglasses.png Sunglasses
100 Battleaxe.png Battleaxe
200 Chain Whip.png Chain Whip
300 Archmage Sceptre.png Archmage Sceptre
400 Trump Card.png Trump Card
500 Fireplace.png Fireplace
1000 Excalibur.png Excalibur

Avatars, Inventories, Holographs

The hot cosmetics you need for your single-player puzzle game. Your Avatars and its holograph do appear to other players on high score leaderboards. Avatars cost 20 Tokens. Inventory skins cost 80. Holographs for 100 Tokens can add an animated effect to Avatars or Inventories.


Starpond Special Stages take tokens to purchase metaprogression items such as Emblems and Artifacts. Not recommended until you have more tokens than you know what to do with!


Beyond missions cost 1 token to begin, along with three artifacts and optionally an emblem and/or a glint.

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Loot ( Heart.png HeartSoul.png SoulCoin.png CoinDiamond.png DiamondChest.png Chestetc. )
AuraStage Mods
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