Unstable Compound

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Unstable Compound
Unstable Compound.png
Description Every 20 turns, all cell auras are converted to a random elemental aura.
Category Passive
Cost 13 coins

Unstable Compound is a passive item.

Divine Unstable Compound
Divine Unstable Compound.png
Description Every 10 turns, apply one of each elemental aura to random cells.
Category Passive
Cost 9 coins
Source Elemental Triumvirate.png Elemental Triumvirate
(Divine Items)
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  • Radium.png 3 Radium
  • Lava.png 1 Lava
  • Icicle.png 1 Icicle
  • Lightning.png 1 Lightning


Divine version can only be unlocked with the Elemental Triumvirate.png Elemental Triumvirate Beyond emblem.