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sourcetitlev1.72 Patch Notes - Easter 2021
  • Easter major expansion
notesv1.72 Patch Notes - Easter 2021 Hi folks, DemonCrawl's first-ever Easter event is now live! Check out the announcement post for more details. Along with the holiday content, this update fixes a lot of bugs that resulted from the recent GameMaker runtime update. We were able to resolve most of the major bugs, but please bear with us if we need to deploy a few stability patches in the coming days. Thank you! Full patch notes are available below. --- ===Easter Event=== *Complete the holiday questline to earn 4 new avatars and a new inventory skin *7 additional holiday avatars are available in prizeboxes *Discover colorful Easter eggs and convert them to [[Tokens]] or open them up for rare prizes - including unique [[Paint|paints]] *Added Easter [[Special Chest]] *Added unique holiday stage *New event boss: [[Bosses|Egghead]] *New consumable item: [[image:Chocolate.png|25px|link=Chocolate]] [[Chocolate|Chocolate]] - "25% chance to gain 50 mana during the next 10 turns." *New holiday Mythic [[Emblem]] ===Quality of Life=== *Updated [[image:Bubbler Mastery.png|25px|link=Bubbler Mastery]] [[Bubbler Mastery|Bubbler Mastery]] II description for clarity ===Bug Fixes=== *Fixed Borderless Windowed mode *Fixed an issue with item background hover animation *Fixed an issue related to negative [[pathfinding]] and stage XP calculations *Fixed an issue with Blessings not rotating if they collided with a monster while traveling downward *Fixed a regression that caused [[Special Stage#Library|Library]] to provide Mementos again *Fixed an issue that prevented certain mistake effects from triggering *Fixed [[image:Mildew.png|25px|link=Mildew]] [[Mildew|Mildew]] bypassing omen immunity *Fixed [[image:Leash.png|25px|link=Leash]] [[Leash|Leash]] not respecting omen immunity *[[image:Butter.png|25px|link=Butter]] [[Butter|Butter]] can no longer drop your items into frozen or burning cells *Fixed a Leaderboards crash related to the "My Score" button *Fixed a crash related to passing a turn with [[image:Slingshot.png|25px|link=Slingshot]] [[Slingshot|Slingshot]] active when the stage is already over *Fixed a crash related to the scripts that transform targeted magic items into full columns or rows *Fixed a crash related to [[image:Divine Whip.png|25px|link=Whip]] [[Whip|Divine Whip]] and [[image:Muscle.png|25px|link=Muscle]] [[Muscle|Muscle]] *Fixed a crash related to [[Glint|Mega Glint]] drop ====Hotfix 1.72b==== *Fixed "Sugar High" mission *Fixed an issue with Spy Doll *Fixed a crash related to Bunny Ears *Fixed a crash related to Wizard casting Magnet *Fixed a crash related to monsters on cursed cells *Fixed an issue with special event progress carrying over from previous special event *Speculative fix for a crash related to the Egghead boss *Fixed a possible issue with Egg paints being more rare than intended *Fixed a rare crash related to opening a chest on the Easter stage