Blood Magic

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Blood Magic
Blood Magic.png
Description [50 Mana] Gain 50 mana and lose 1 life.
Category Magic
Cost 15 coins

Blood Magic is a magic item. Turns life into Mana. The effect of this item is used by the Warlock Mastery.png Warlock Mastery.

Divine Blood Magic
Divine Blood Magic.png
Description [100 Mana] Kill a random visible monster and gain 200 mana.
Category Magic
Cost 10 coins
Source Flesh.png Flesh
(Divine Items)
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  • Ichor.png 2 Ichor (Bloodway stage)
  • Energy.png 2 Energy (Tribe stage)
  • Poppy.png 1 Poppy (Wonder stage)


This item has no trivia at this time.


  • v1.68
    • Blood Magic nerf: "Gain 50 mana and lose 1 life." (was "[50 Mana] Gain 100 mana and lose 1 life.")
    • Blood Magic price reduced from 20 to 15 coins