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Bubbles are Orbs that contain an Object. They can be popped with a click to release the object onto the board. Bubbles are also a Projectile that travels until it hits an object, containing it in the Orb type bubble.

Bubbles are generally positive. They are useful for moving good strangers like pyros into new stages or better positions, keeping a reserve of hearts for emergency healing, keeping loot for item effects, duplicating loot with electric cells, or for smuggling items in Endless Multiverse.

If a row or column can be cleared, the bubble stranger Waterboy.png Waterboy can bubble himself.

Bosses can be temporarily neutralized with bubbles, but they have a 5% chance to escape every turn, plus an additional 5% per boss mod.

The Bubbler Mastery.png Bubbler Mastery is based on generating and duplicating Bubbles.

While bubbles are mechanically beneficial, in large numbers they can make the play area difficult to see. If there are a number of Waterboys on the field, especially with "pass turn" effects, bubbles can become a minor hassle.


Bubble Related Items

Image _pageName Description Cost
Bubbler's Memento Bring up to 5 bubbles into the next dimension. 0 coins
Bubbler Doll Duplicate random bubbles equal to the charge cost of your mastery when your ultimate ability is activated. 30 coins
Bubble Rod [300 Mana] Trap all visible objects in bubbles. 30 coins
Bubble Solution Trap all visible objects on numbered cells in bubbles. 5 coins
Bubble Wrap [500 Mana] Bubble the last item in your inventory, as long as it isn't Bubble Wrap. 22 coins
Divine Bubble Wrap [400 Mana] Bubble 5 random items that aren't Bubble Wrap. 28 coins
Dreamcatcher When you start a stage, your guaranteed objects spawn inside bubbles. 10 coins
Spitwad Strangers send a Bubble in a random direction each turn. 15 coins
Suds [100 Mana] Send Bubbles in all directions from target visible cell. 22 coins
Thought Bubble Your orbs cannot bounce off walls. Every 10 turns, spawn an object inside a bubble. 40 coins
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