Commander Mastery

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Commander Mastery
Commander Mastery.png

Tier I Unflag a cell to recruit a familiar to a nearby empty empty cell for 5 coins.
Tier II Whenever a familiar collects loot, perform a unique action based on the type of loot.
Tier III [2 Charges] Pass 10 turns.
Unlock I Unlock by having 10 or more familiars
Unlock II Unlock II by having 15 or more familiars
Unlock III Unlock III by having 30 or more familiars

The Commander Mastery is focused on using Familiars.

Unique Actions
Loot Effect
Coin Solve 1 cell
Diamond / Purple Diamond Solve 5 cells
Heart Familiar becomes strong (kills monsters instead of dying)
Token / Mega Token Recruit a Familiar
Artifact Reduces max stage power
Emblem Finds 100 mana