Essence of Creation

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Essence of Creation
Essence of Creation.png
Description [100 Mana] Gain Minions equal to one-tenth the sum of target visible 3x3 area, rounded down.
Category Magic
Cost 25 coins

Essence of Creation is a magic item that on activation lets you target a 3x3 area and gain Minions equal to the sum of the visible area divided by 10, rounded down.


  • Corestone.png 4 Corestone (Brink stage)
  • Energy.png 3 Energy (Tribe stage)
  • Spore.png 3 Spore (Fungus stage)


  • Similarly to all the other "Essence of" items, Essence of Creation costs 25 coins and has 100 mana, gives the players something in an amount equal to 1/10th of the targeted area, and takes 4 Corestones and 3 Energy in its blueprint in addition to 3 of a third artifact.