July 17, 2020 Patch

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Source: New Masteries! v1.50 Patch Notes

Version notes

Updated to game version v1.50.

Patch notes

Hi folks,

We just released an update for DemonCrawl that introduces two exciting new masteries:

Additionally, we have overhauled the Spellbinder boss, reworked Obelisks, fixed a ton of bugs and more. Full patch are below!


New Features

  • New mastery: Novice - Offers powerful learning tools at the expense of score
  • New mastery: Demolitionist - Bring on the Barrels
  • New memento: Demolitionist's Memento - "Whenever you blow up an object in the Metagate, spawn a Guide."
  • You can now manually detonate barrels at the cost of 1 damage
  • The autosolver can now utilize monster count to determine if progress can be made

Quality of Life

  • Added a sign to the tutorial that explains chording
  • Items with a cost of 0 are now included in the Codex
  • Improved targeting descriptions of the following magic items: Powder Keg, Trash Bin, Handbell, Watering Can, Surgical Saw, Drill, Pendulum, Magic Dark Ink, Mortal Root, Loudhailer, Troll Cross, Ritual Chalk, Lotus, Mjolnir, and Powder Keg
  • Added simple animation to inventory button when you gain a new item
  • You can now paste text into input fields

Balance Changes

  • Obelisks have been reworked:
    • You must now choose to activate the obelisk
    • All obelisks require you to open x cells within 10 seconds
    • The random penalty for failure is listed upfront
    • You will gain a Tablet on success
    • Tablet of Pyxe buff: "Gain 100 XP at the end of each stage, and 1000 XP at the end of the quest."
    • Tablet of Ne'kot buff: "Gain a Token at the end of each stage, and 50 Tokens at the end of the quest."
    • Tablet of Drocer has been replaced with Tablet of Lairetam: "Gain a random artifact at the end of each stage, and 10 random artifacts at the end of the quest."
    • Obelisk sprite updated
  • Spellbinder boss overhaul
    • Take 2 damage whenever a Dark Heart is collected.
    • Whenever you make a mistake, manalock your magic items for 30 turns.
    • Whenever you use a magic item, destroy a random Dark Heart.
  • Snowflake I and Commander I now operate on left-clicking flagged cells
  • Defense can now fall below 0 (makes monsters stronger)
  • Reduced the coin cost of Starpond items by one third
  • Reduced the base durability of Chainmail from 3 to 1
  • Updated Novice mastery tooltips for clarity
  • The Library can no longer give omens
  • Reduced the price of Godmonger from 28 to 23 coins

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed lag when gaining a massive amount of XP at once
  • Fixed crash related to "Airtight" Sigil
  • Fixed Sentry Gnome failing to activate under some conditions
  • Fixed Tablet items that were dropped from Obelisks not writing to disk properly
  • Fixed a typo in the "Death" Hero Trial description
  • Fixed a rare issue related to visible monsters that would make the autosolver incorrectly believe you did not have to guess
  • Fixed several instances of lingering tooltips
  • Fixed Key of Undoing not updating the "stage completed" label after use
  • Fixed explosion effects bypassing the "Demonlord" Hero Trial
  • Fixed Arcane Staff ignoring manalock
  • Fixed a hardlock related to the Scholar ability completing Smog and Fruit of Labor at the same time
  • Fixed First Aid bypassing the Active stage mod
  • Fixed a hardlock related to Wishlist, Gravedigger and Gluttony
  • Fixed a typo in the Wishpool tooltip
  • Fixed Mirror manalocking itself for 30 turns instead of 40
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when a Harbinger was spawned from a Friendly Glint
  • Spring can no longer be consumed before monsters have spawned
  • Fixed a crash related to Soft Clay transforming a legendary item
  • Fixed a rare crash related to Cleansing Bell
  • Fixed "new item" notification layering issue in the codex
  • Fixed "new item" notification not showing up in the first row of codex items
  • Fixed boss selection not updating between dimensions in Endless Multiverse
  • Fixed strange behavior regarding Bullet Time effect stacking
  • Fixed a rare crash related to using items during the Mega Token animation
  • Fixed Key of Undoing crash
  • Fixed an issue with Drill not spawning loot
  • Fixed a crash related to a stage that has both Judging and Diverse mods
  • Fixed Novice II consuming a revive in addition to its own revive effect
  • Fixed leaderboard entries without masteries showing as different mastery
  • Fixed profile data corruption related to visiting the Patreon leaderboards through Quest 5 (If you were affected by this bug, please reach out to us ASAP and we will do our best to help restore any lost progress.)
  • The "Death" Hero Trial effect is now capable of multikills
  • Mobile only: Fickle mod now operates on a longtap
  • Fixed a crash that could occur after reloading a Native stage
  • Fixed some objects losing their custom colors after popping out of bubbles
  • Fixed layering depth of objects popped out of bubbles
  • Fixed artifact requirements on one of the Mythic Emblems
  • Fixed visual glitch related to Convulsing stage mod
  • Improved performance of "confine cursor" option

Hotfix #1 @ 2:07 PM EST - Fixed Present crash.

Hotfix #2 @ 2:40 PM EST - Fixed game client closing at the end of a quest, and Starpond not letting you buy an item that you have just enough Tokens to afford.

Hotfix #3 @ 7:30 PM EST -

  • Fixed Bones showing up twice in the Codex
  • Fixed Casual Mode lockup
  • Fixed a visual glitch related to Bubbles
  • Fixed Powder Keg barrels not exploding after 5 seconds