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DemonCrawl currently lets you choose between 15 different Masteries (classes).


Each Mastery has 3 Tiers which must be unlocked by performing a feat during a Quest. After completing a Mastery's requirement, it becomes available in the Token Shop for 10/20/30 Token.png Tokens.


With a few exceptions, Masteries are structured as follows:

  • Tier I- A benefit provided from the start of the quest.
  • Tier II - A passive benefit that triggers from time to time.
  • Tier III - An activated ability that must be charged by completing a number of stages.

Image _pageName Tier I Tier II Tier III
Banker Begin the quest with 10 extra coins. Chests contain double coins. [5 Charges] Double your coins.
Barbarian If you can't afford a stranger's price, kill him. Whenever a stranger dies, activate Rotting Head. [ 5 Charges] Kill all visible monsters and activate Rotting Head for each.
Commander Right click to recruit a familiar to an empty cell for 5 coins. Whenever you collect loot, upgrade all nearby familiars to strong familiars. [2 Charges] Pass 10 turns.
Exorcist Destroy the first omen you receive. Whenever you lose an omen, gain 1 soul. [6 Charges] Destroy a random omen.
Firefly Each stage has a burning cell. Burning cells do not hurt you. Stages have extra burning cells equal to the number of stage mods. [4 Charges] Shoot flares in all directions from visible burning cells.
Hunter Begin the quest with 3 Minions. Every 60 cells opened without a mistake, gain a Minion. [2 Charges] Reduce the stage power by your number of Minions.
Immortal Begin the quest with an extra revive and one less max life. When you are revived, double your lives. [6 Charges] Gain a revive.
Knight Begin the quest with 1 defense. Gain 1 defense whenever you spend at least 20 coins. [ 5 Charges] Gain 3 defense.
Prophet Increase your XP gain by 25%. You are twice as likely to find items you have never acquired. [5 Charges] Gain a token.
Scholar Begin the quest with Quest for Quests. Whenever a status effect is completed, restore 1 life. [5 Charges] Complete all of your status effects.
Snowflake If there are fewer than 3 frozen cells, attempting to unflag a cell will freeze it instead. Increase the limit of the above effect by the number of stage mods. [3 Charges] Shatter all frozen cells, causing each to explode in a 3x3 area
Spy At the start of each stage, glean 10 hidden cells. Whenever you chord a 4 or greater, glean nearby hidden cells. [3 Charges] Glean all hidden cells near gleaned hidden cells.
Survivor Begin the quest with 1 extra life. Find souls instead of hearts if you are injured. [3 Charges] Solve a number of cells equal to your missing life.
Witch Reduce incoming damage by your number of omens. When you enter a stage, remove a stage mod for each of your omens. [2 Charges] Gain a random omen.
Wizard The first item shop you visit will only contain magic items. Whenever you collect a diamond, gain 20 mana. [3 Charges] Charge a random magic item.

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