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DemonCrawl currently lets you choose between 29 different Masteries (classes).


Each Mastery has 3 Tiers which must be unlocked by performing a feat during a Quest. After completing a Mastery's requirement, it becomes available in the Token Shop for 10/20/30 Token.png Tokens. (With the exception of Novice Mastery, costing only 1/2/3.)


With a few exceptions, Masteries are structured as follows:

  • Tier I- A benefit provided from the start of the quest.
  • Tier II - A passive benefit that triggers from time to time.
  • Tier III - An activated ultimate ability that must be charged by completing a number of stages.


Image _pageName Tier I Tier II Tier III
Banker Mastery Begin the quest with 15 extra coins. Chests contain double coins. [5 Charges] Double your coins.
Barbarian Mastery If you can't afford a stranger's price, kill him. Whenever a stranger dies, activate Rotting Head. [3 Charges] Kill all visible monsters and activate Rotting Head for each.
Bubbler Mastery At the end of each stage, bubble all visible loot on 0-value cells. Whenever you pop a bubble, reveal a number of random nearby cells equal to the value of the cell it was popped in. [4 Charges] Duplicate your bubbles.
Commander Mastery Click a flagged cell to recruit a familiar to a nearby empty cell for 3 coins. Whenever a familiar collects loot, perform a unique action based on the type of loot. [2 Charges] Pass 10 turns.
Demolitionist Mastery Each stage has an additional Barrel. You can throw Barrels. Right click to change the direction of a Barrel. Whenever you complete a stage with 10% monster density or less, the next stage gains the Feeble mod. [4 Charges] Launch 4 Barrels into the stage. These Barrels cannot damage you.
Detective Mastery Each stage has a guaranteed stranger. Solve a cell whenever you activate a stranger, but there's a 10% chance to get bad intel! Whenever you fully and correctly chord a cell, reveal all nearby monsters. [3 Charges] Remove all visible monsters from the board and gain a coin for each.
Exorcist Mastery Destroy the first omen you receive. Whenever you lose an omen, gain souls and defense equal to the number of omens you've lost this run. [4 Charges] Destroy a random omen.
Firefly Mastery Burning cells do not hurt you. Each stage has numbered burning cells equal to the number of stage mods plus 1. Whenever you fully and correctly chord a burning cell, shoot a flare in a random direction. [3 Charges] Shoot flares in all directions from visible burning cells.
Ghost_Mastery.png Ghost Mastery [ Charges]
Guardian Mastery Begin the quest with 1 defense. You are immune to life loss outside of damage. [4 Charges] Gain 3 defense.
Human Mastery If you are amoral and gain or lose morality, increase the amount by 3 in the same direction. Whenever you are moral and gain morality, gain a soul. Whenever you are immoral and lose morality, solve all cells near 1s. [1 Charge] If you are moral, convert visible strangers to strong familiars. If immoral, convert visible monsters into familiars. Pass a number of turns equal to your absolute morality.
Hunter Mastery Begin the quest with 3 Minions. Every 60 cells opened without a mistake, gain a Minion. [2 Charges] Reduce the stage power by your number of Minions.
Hypnotist Mastery Delay monster damage by 3 turns. Your last status effect will increase instead of decrease. [3 Charges] Increase your status effect counters by 10.
Immortal Mastery Begin the quest with an extra revive and one less max life. When you are revived, double your lives. [6 Charges] Gain a revive.
Knight Mastery Begin the quest wearing [[Simple Robe]]. Your armor cannot break. If you replace an armor, fortify by the durability of the old armor. [3 Charges] Fortify all of your armor by 3.
Lumberjack Mastery Begin the quest with a Sawblade. You can toggle Sawblade phasing. Whenever a Sawblade explodes, gain Broken Sawblade. [3 Charges] Set the lifespan of your Sawblades to 1 and reveal a random monster for each lifespan lost this way.
Marksman Mastery The first cell you open each stage does not break your chain. If the sum of your chain is greater than the max stage power, kill monsters before they can deal damage to you. [ 2 Charges] Double the length and value of your chain.
Mutant Mastery Begin the quest with 3 Cankers that have Brainiac mutations. Learn about mutations by hovering a Canker with your inventory open. At the end of each stage, each Canker gains a random mutation. [3 Charges] Spawn a Canker, then activate your Canker mutations without destroying any Cankers.
Novice Mastery Reduce your score by half. If you make a mistake on a necessary guess, reduce incoming damage to 1. If you die with 300 or more points, revive and reduce your score to 0. [1 Charge] Focus an area where you can make progress.
Poisoner.png Poisoner Begin the quest with [[Poison]]. Whenever [[Poison]] activates, cast [[Poison Blade]]. You are immune to life loss from [[Poison]]. Toxic cells grant an additional [[Poison]]. [ Charges]
Prophet Mastery Increase your XP gain by 25%. You are twice as likely to find items you have never acquired. [5 Charges] Gain between 1 and 5 Tokens.
Protagonist Mastery All legendary items are favored. Gain a random legendary item when you enter the final stage. Whenever you gain a legendary item, gain a mastery charge. Whenever you replace a legendary item, increase the number of legendary items you can hold. [5 Charges] Convert all visible chests into legendary items. Whenever you would die, this instead discharges automatically to prevent death.
Scholar Mastery Activate Quest for Quests at the start of the quest. Whenever a status effect is completed, restore 1 life and solve a cell. [5 Charges] Complete all of your status effects.
Scout Mastery Gain 3% pathfinding at the start of the quest. Increase your pathfinding cap by 10%. Gain 1% pathfinding whenever you earn the Untouchable award. [5 Charges] Solve a number of cells equal to your pathfinding.
Snowflake Mastery If there are fewer than 3 frozen cells, click a flagged cell to freeze it. Increase the limit of the above effect by the number of stage mods. [3 Charges] Shatter all frozen cells, causing each to explode in a 3x3 area
Spark Mastery Each stage, one cell with loot gains Electric. Monsters in Electric cells deal half damage. Whenever you collect loot from an Electric cell, apply Electric to cells of the same value in the same column and row. [2 Charges] Apply Electric to all cells between Electric cells, then reveal all Electric cells and kill any living objects within.
Spy Mastery At the start of each stage, glean 10 hidden cells. Whenever you chord a 4 or greater, glean nearby hidden cells. [4 Charges] Glean all hidden cells near gleaned hidden cells.
Survivor Mastery Begin the quest with 1 extra max life. At the end of each stage, gain 1 max life if you are injured. [3 Charges] Solve a number of cells equal to your missing life, then heal to full.
Undertaker Mastery Gain Bones whenever you consume an item that isn't Bones. Your Bones will always be buried in cells of value 1 or greater. [2 Charges] Reveal all cells near sanctified cells and apply sanctified to any monsters in those cells.
Warlock Mastery Right click your mastery to cast Blood Magic. Whenever you cast a magic item, apply Cursed to a random cell, prioritizing cells with objects. [3 Charges] Spawn random magic items in empty Cursed cells.
Witch Mastery Reduce incoming damage by your number of omens. When you enter a stage, remove a stage mod for each of your omens. [2 Charges] Gain a random omen.
Wizard Mastery The first Item Shop in the quest only contains magic items. Whenever you cast a magic item, gain a soul. [3 Charges] Transform your cheapest magic item into one that's worth more, up to twice the item's original value.

Mastery Related Items

There are also Firefly Doll.png Mastery Dolls that add an extra effect to your ultimate ability. There is one for each mastery.

Image _pageName Description Cost
Battery Fully charge your mastery. 16 coins
Black Belt When you enter a stage, gain souls equal to the number of times your mastery's ultimate ability has been activated. 16 coins
Cardboard Box Lose your mastery, coins, and all of your items. Get them back at the start of the next stage. 32 coins
Dentures Elders are more common. You may right click an Elder to charge your mastery instead. 25 coins
Detective's Memento Spawn a Guide when you activate your mastery. 0 coins
Jack of Clubs [500 Mana] Replace your mastery with another random mastery. It starts fully charged. 45 coins
Juice Gain a mastery charge. If you have activated your ultimate ability before, activate it now for free. 9 coins
Master's Degree [400 Mana] Activate your mastery's ultimate ability, then manalock for 100 turns. 40 coins
Rocking Chair When your mastery's ultimate ability is activated, lose your mastery. 0 coins
Sage Stages grant an additional mastery charge. 32 coins
Trump Card If you fail a guess, activate your mastery's ultimate ability before taking damage. 32 coins
Wisdom Tooth Gain a mastery charge whenever you consume an item that isn't a consumable item. Automatically consume this item when you enter the final stage. 22 coins
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