May 01, 2021 Patch

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Source: v1.74b

Version notes

Updated to game version v1.74b.

Patch notes

v1.74b Patch Notes Hi folks,

We just released a small patch for DemonCrawl that includes our new set of Patreon rewards and several bug fixes.



New Features

  • Added new set of Patreon rewards: Weapons of War

Quality of Life

Bug Fixes

  • Lowered the effect stack limit from 500 to 400 to help curb crashes from computationally expensive item combos
  • Mortar.png Mortar and Zombie Paw.png Zombie Paw are involved in such combos, so they will now increase the stack counter several times per activation
  • Fixed pathfinding preventing flagless stage completion
  • Fixed an issue with Clay Chest.png Clay Chest not providing a duplicate item in some cases
  • Improved performance of usable inventory item counter
  • Fixed missing string related to Necromantic boss mod
  • Fixed punctuation in Hearth stage description
  • Added Detective.png Detective dialogue for Automaton and UNIT-8055
  • Mobile: fixed missing "invert controls" option
  • iOS: fixed an issue with longpress functionality