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|Cost = 0
|Cost = 0
|Category = Consumable
|Category = Consumable
|Tag = Meat
}}Minion is a [[Consumable Items|consumable]] item that also has a triggered passive effect.
}}Minion is a [[Consumable Items|consumable]] item that also has a triggered passive effect.

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Description Solve a random cell. If you're about to take damage, this Minion will sacrifice itself to deflect 1 damage.
Category Consumable
Cost 0 coins

Minion is a consumable item that also has a triggered passive effect.


  • Sacrifices to deflect Damage happen before armor or defense.
  • If the Minion(s) reduce the incoming damage to 0, the revealed monster is killed.
  • Can only be used in stages, after the monsters spawn.
  • Rarely in chests or the item shop. Generated by the Hunter mastery, and by various items.

Minion Related Items

Image _pageName Description Cost
Binoculars Minions spawn in the wild. 20 coins
Divine Barbecue [200 mana] Destroy all of your Minions and spawn 2 souls for each. 15 coins
Divine Binoculars Lots of Minions spawn in the wild. 20 coins
Divine Mud For the next 500 turns, when you use a magic item, gain 2 Minions instead of triggering its effect. 15 coins
File:Divine Strange Egg.png
Divine Strange Egg [150 mana] Gain between 1 to 3 Minions. 25 coins
Divine Thornseeker [120 mana] Gain Minions equal to the highest-value hidden cell in target 3x3 area. 35 coins
Druid Staff Tame monsters into Minions. 18 coins
Elven Whistle [300 Mana] For 5 turns, solve a cell each turn. This effect lasts an additional turn for each of your minions. 37 coins
Essence of Creation [100 Mana] Gain Minions equal to one-tenth the sum of target visible 3x3 area, rounded down. 25 coins
Feral Fibers Gain minions equal to the current stage's minimum power. 8 coins
Hunter's Memento You will not lose your Minions when stepping through the Dimensional Portal. 0 coins
Hunter Doll Gain Minions equal to your mastery charge cost when your ultimate ability is activated. 30 coins
Hunting Whistle Whenever you use a Minion, gain a Minion after 50 turns. 16 coins
Leather Boots [1 Armor] Every 10 turns, gain a Minion if you just clicked on a 4 or greater. 13 coins
Leather Coif [2 Armor] Fortify by 1 whenever a Minion dies. 15 coins
Leather Vest [2 Armor] Fortify by 2 whenever a Minion dies. Collect hearts at full life to gain a Minion. 25 coins
Lion Tail When you enter a stage, gain Minions equal to the maximum power. 24 coins
Minion Solve a random cell. If you're about to take damage, this Minion will sacrifice itself to deflect 1 damage. 0 coins
Mud For the next 100 turns, when you use a magic item, gain a minion instead of triggering its effect. 9 coins
Quest for Pets After opening 100 cells without making a mistake, gain 8 Minions. 15 coins
Sabertooth Amulet When you complete a stage, gain a Minion. Your Minions can survive an extra point of damage. 13 coins
Strange Egg [100 Mana] You might gain a minion. 19 coins
Thornseeker [90 Mana] If target hidden cell has a value of 3 or greater, gain 3 minions. 31 coins
Wildbank When you complete a stage, gain 1 minion for every diamond or chest left behind. 12 coins
Wild Bracers Monsters roll extra times for damage equal to your number of Minions, and use the weakest result. 14 coins
Zeal of Hate Spawn a monster. If you have to guess, convert all visible monsters to Minions. 11 coins
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