November 10, 2019 Patch

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Source: v1.06 Patch Notes

Version notes

Updated to game version v1.06.

Patch notes

In which we update Frozen cells and get more generous with Tokens Today's patch is the biggest one we've introduced since launch! There is a lot to unpack here, so we're happy to answer any questions you might have in the comments section below.

TL;DR We are awarding every player with Tokens to compensate them for the new level-up feature described below. If you find yourself with a bunch of extra Tokens and you don't know where they came from... well, now you do! Let's dive in:

New Features

  • Every 10th level up, you will be awarded 10 Tokens instead of the normal 1-3
  • Added keybind support for inventory panel (defaults to "I" key)
  • Added in-game option to disable Steam cloud sync
  • Expanded the Hero Trial pool with 2 new effects
  • Cell contents are now preserved between freezing/unfreezing cells

Developer notes: We have retroactively awarded existing profiles with the tokens they would have earned under this new system.

Balance Changes

  • Increased the base Token drop rate by about 12%
  • Daily Missions are now unlocked at level 25 instead of 50
  • Armor damage calculations now happen before defense
  • Survivor II rework: "Heart drops have a 5% chance to become souls." -> "Find souls instead of hearts if you are injured."
  • Hunter II buff: "Every 70 cells you open without making a mistake, gain a Minion." -> "Every 60 cells you open without making a mistake, gain a Minion."
  • Pendulum: 300 Mana -> 150 Mana
  • Barbecue: 150 Mana -> 80 Mana
  • Punchbag: "Whenever you leave a special stage ... " -> "Whenever you leave an item shop ..."
  • Timelord Chronos now deals damage instead of direct life loss & during this boss you can collect loot to reset the timer to 0
  • Nerfed the music volume of Elysium a bit

Bug Fixes

  • Monsters trapped within Frozen cells will now decrement the monster counter, meaning you can rely on the counter to hit 0 when the stage is complete
  • Fixed a crash when using Blowpipe on a shiny monster
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when misflagging a cell on a stage that had both Judging and Flawless mods
  • Fixed a few ways that immutable objects could get destroyed
  • Fixed objects losing their immutable property between game loads
  • You can now reclaim Favor points from legendary items that became locked due to prestiging
  • Blowing up a hidden monster will now trigger "on monster kill" effects
  • Fixed xray effect preservation when you reload a quest (i.e. Magnifying Glass)
  • Fixed Endless Multiverse loop not saving properly between loads
  • Speculative fix for a crash related to stage destruction before particle automanager cleanup
  • Fixed a database issue that prevented players with IPv6 addresses from submitting scores to the leaderboards

Developer notes: We will continue to monitor your feedback about Frozen cells to determine if they can still lead to a softlock under the new logic. If you're unsure whether your board is actually stuck, please submit a bug report along with a screenshot and we will take a look. Thanks! We hope you enjoy the new patch!


Stealth hotfix #1 @ 12:30 EST: Fixed a crash in the gameplay settings due to an inventory keybind variable we forgot to instantiate.

Stealth hotfix #2 @ 2:30 EST: Fixed Dry stage mod not respecting forced loot drops, which could have resulted in crashes with certain items.