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DemonCrawl stages currently have 61 mods. Each mod has a difficulty value which, presumably, affects the influence that mod has on the amount of loot generated.

Stage Mod Effect Difficulty
Aching Whenever you make a mistake, increase the maximum power of all other stages. Every 50 cells you open without making a mistake, decrease the maximum power of all other stages. 1
Apocalyptic Stage contains harbingers of the apocalypse. 2
Barbed Whenever you take damage, lose defense equal to the stage's minimum power. 1
Bleeding If you are injured, lose 1 life whenever you discover a 5 or greater. You cannot die to Bleeding. 1
Blinding Your stats and monster damage are unknown. 1
Brooding Spawn monsters in hidden cells on reveal. 1
Burning Stage contains Burning cells. Monsters are never in burning cells. 1
Celestial Gain 1 revive. At the end of the stage, lose lives equal to the max power. Normal heart drops are converted to souls. 1
Communist You must pay 5 coins to open your inventory. (Note: this charge applies each time your inventory is opened). 1
Convulsing Stage power doubles whenever you take damage. 2
Cryptic Cells with a value of 4 or greater are obscured. 1
Dangerous Stage power is greater than usual. 2
Dark Poor visibility. 1
Devouring Lose the first item in your inventory whenever you make a mistake. 1
Double Stage must be completed twice. 1
Dramatic Whenever you discover a 5 or greater, increase the minimum stage power. 1
Dry No random loot, nor strangers, nor landmarks. After you complete the stage, spawn 3 chests. 1
Educational Stage contains many signs. 2
Electric Stage contains Electric cells. Twice as potent! 1
Elemental Stage contains Burning, Freezing and Electric cells. 2
Explosive Objects have a 50% chance to explode in a 3x3 area when interacted with. Whenever an object blows up, you take 1 damage. 1
Fake A total of three cells have the wrong values. 2
Fickle Whenever you interact with loot, destroy all other visible loot. 2
Flawless If you take damage, exit the stage without completing and lose a random item. 2
Frozen Stage contains frozen cells. Monsters might be trapped inside. 2
Grim At the start of the stage, gain 3 omens. Whenever you open 20 cells without making a mistake, lose a random omen. 2
Haunted Gain an omen whenever a monster is revealed. 1
Hidden Stage contains one single monster. -4
Illusory Whenever you lose life, flag or unflag a number of random cells equal to the life lost. 1
Judging Take damage if you flag an empty cell. 1
Large Stage is bigger than usual. 1
Liberated Whenever you lose 3 or more lives from a single source, uncomplete a random stage. 2
Mauling Monsters attack an extra time. 2
Melting Lose a random item after every 30 seconds. 3
Misty Whenever you make a mistake, the monster relocates to another undiscovered cell. 1
Native Monsters may spawn in cells that you open. 1
Nightmare You cannot flag cells. 3
Nomadic Nomads everywhere! 0
Null Monsters deal damage to your max life. 1
Ominous Gain an omen at the start of the stage. 1
Overwhelming Monster count is greater than usual. 2
Pagan At the start of the stage, lose up to half your items. The stage has an additional heart for each item lost this way. 1
Predatory At the end of the stage, each visible monster has a 50% chance of attacking you. (Note: This applies after clicking "finish" so any outstanding heart drops won't be able to heal you) 2
Rancid Cannot use consumable items. 1
Rising At the end of the stage, increase the monster count of all other stages by 2 for each visible monster 1
Sealed Whenever you enter this stage, seal 3 inventory slots. 1
Shiny Currency everywhere! (This mod reduces difficulty but significantly increases coin and diamond drops) -4
Silenced Cannot use magic items. 1
Stronghold Monsters deal extra damage equal to the number of other visible monsters. 1
Team Whenever you make a mistake, all surrounding cells are revealed and any monsters in those cells attack you for one damage each. 1
Temporal Cannot generate mana from cells. 1
Timeless Your status effect timers do not update. 1
Toxic Stage contains toxic cells. 1
Trusty Solvable without guessing. 0
Tunnel Stage contains multiple floors. (Note: each floor counts as a new level for the purposes of effects like the Ominous mod) 1
Uncharted Contains an unknown number of monsters. 1
Vengeful Monsters deal damage before they die. 2
Viral At the end of the stage, duplicate all your omens if you are injured. 1
Wicked When you enter this stage, spawn 5 Cankers. 1
Windy Gain an item at the start of the stage. Lose two items at the end of the stage. 1
Withering Lose 1 life each minute. You cannot die to Withering. 2