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DemonCrawl stages currently have 61 mods. Each mod has a difficulty value which increases or decreases the frequency of rare loot. Rare loot includes tokens, mega tokens, artifacts, paints, emblems, dark chests, purple diamonds, and oddly, dark hearts (on boss stages.)

Stage Mod Effect Difficulty
Abstract mod.pngAbstract Gain 2 random mods when you enter this stage 2
Aching mod.pngAching Whenever you make a mistake, increase the maximum power of all other stages. Every 50 cells you open without making a mistake, decrease the maximum power of all other stages. 1
Active mod.pngActive Passive Items do not work. 2
Apocalyptic mod.pngApocalyptic Stage contains harbingers of the apocalypse. 2
Astral mod.pngAstral Rare loot everywhere! 0
Barbed mod.pngBarbed Whenever you take damage, lose defense equal to the stage's minimum power. 1
Bleeding mod.pngBleeding If you are injured, lose 1 life whenever you discover a 5 or greater. You cannot die to Bleeding. 1
Blinding mod.pngBlinding Your stats and monster damage are unknown. 1
Brooding mod.pngBrooding Whenever a monster is revealed, spawn a monster in a hidden cell. 1
Burning mod.pngBurning Stage contains Burning cells. Monsters are never in burning cells. 1
Celestial mod.pngCelestial Gain 1 revive. At the end of the stage, lose lives equal to the max power. Normal heart drops are converted to souls. 1
Communist mod.pngCommunist You must pay 5 coins to open your inventory. (Note: this charge applies each time your inventory is opened). 1
Convulsing mod.pngConvulsing Stage power doubles whenever you take damage. 2
Crooked mod.pngCrooked Whenever a monster is revealed lose coins equal to the value of the cell it was standing on. 1
Cryptic mod.pngCryptic Cells with a value of 4 or greater are obscured. 1
Dangerous mod.pngDangerous Stage power is greater than usual. 2
Dark mod.pngDark Poor visibility. 1
Devouring mod.pngDevouring Lose the first item in your inventory whenever you make a mistake. 1
Dirty mod.pngDirty When you leave the stage, take 1 damage for each different type of non-living object. 2
Disturbing mod.pngDisturbing Living objects move towards your cursor. If you hover a living object, you take 1 damage. 2
Diverse mod.pngDiverse Stage may contain monsters from surrounding stages. Damage rolls are determined by the stage the monster is originally from. 1
Double mod.pngDouble Stage must be completed twice. 1
Dramatic mod.pngDramatic Whenever you discover a 5 or greater, increase the minimum stage power. 1
Dry mod.pngDry No random loot, nor strangers, nor landmarks. After you complete the stage, spawn 3 chests. 1
Educational mod.pngEducational Stage contains many signs. 2
Electric mod.pngElectric Stage contains Electric cells. Twice as potent! 1
Elemental mod.pngElemental Stage contains Burning, Freezing and Electric cells. 3
Explosive mod.pngExplosive Objects have a 50% chance to explode in a 3x3 area when interacted with. Whenever an object blows up, you take 1 damage. 1
Fake mod.pngFake A total of three cells have the wrong values. 2
Fickle mod.pngFickle Whenever you interact with loot, destroy all other visible loot. 2
Flawless mod.pngFlawless If you take damage, exit the stage without completing and lose a random item. 2
Forsaken mod.pngForsaken Legendary items do not work. Omens activate and additional time. 1
Fraudulent mod.pngFraudulent When you enter this stage, replace all stage mods with more difficult stage mods. 1
Frothy mod.pngFrothy When you enter the stage, Bubble all your items. Whenever you pop a bubble, lose 1 life. 1
Frozen mod.pngFrozen Stage contains frozen cells. Monsters might be trapped inside. 2
Grim mod.pngGrim At the start of the stage, gain 3 omens. Whenever you open 20 cells without making a mistake, lose a random omen. 2
Haunted mod.pngHaunted Gain an omen whenever a monster is revealed. 1
Hidden mod.pngHidden Once in a thousand years... (Stage contains one single monster.) -4
Illusory mod.pngIllusory Whenever you lose life, flag or unflag a number of random cells equal to the life lost. 1
Immutable mod.pngImmutable You cannot modify this stage's properties. 1
Judging mod.pngJudging Take damage if you flag an empty cell. 1
Large mod.pngLarge Stage is bigger than usual. 1
Liberated mod.pngLiberated Whenever you lose 3 or more lives from a single source, uncomplete a random stage. 2
Lofty mod.pngLofty Increase the value of all cells by 1, except those with a value of 0. 3
Mauling mod.pngMauling Monsters attack an extra time. 2
Melting mod.pngMelting Lose a random item after every 30 seconds. 3
Misty mod.pngMisty Whenever you make a mistake, the monster relocates to another undiscovered cell. 1
Native mod.pngNative Monsters may spawn in cells that you open. 1
Nightmare mod.pngNightmare You cannot flag cells. 3
Nomadic mod.pngNomadic Nomads everywhere! 0
Null mod.pngNull Monsters deal damage to your max life. 1
Ominous mod.pngOminous Gain an omen at the start of the stage. 1
Overwhelming mod.pngOverwhelming Monster count is greater than usual. 2
Pagan mod.pngPagan At the start of the stage, lose up to half your items. The stage has an additional heart for each item lost this way. 1
Predatory mod.pngPredatory At the end of the stage, each visible monster has a 50% chance of attacking you. (Note: This applies after clicking "finish" so any outstanding heart drops won't be able to heal you) 2
Rancid mod.pngRancid Cannot use consumable items. 1
Rising mod.pngRising At the end of the stage, increase the monster count of all other stages by 2 for each visible monster 1
Scrappy mod.pngScrappy Monsters deal extra damage equal to the number of nearby cells that are not solved. 2
Sealed mod.pngSealed Whenever you enter this stage, seal 3 inventory slots. 1
Serrated mod.pngSerrated When you enter a stage, spawn 3 sawblades with 3 lifespan each. Whenever a sawblade explodes, take 1 damage. 2
Shiny mod.pngShiny Currency everywhere! (This mod reduces difficulty but significantly increases coin and diamond drops) -4
Silenced mod.pngSilenced Cannot use magic items. 1
Slippery mod.pngSlippery When you close your inventory, Seal your entire inventory. At the end of the stage, unseal your entire inventory. 2
Stronghold mod.pngStronghold Monsters deal extra damage equal to the number of other visible monsters. 1
Surrounded mod.pngSurrounded At the start of the stage, monsters spawn along the perimeter. 1
Team mod.pngTeam Whenever you make a mistake, all surrounding cells are revealed and any monsters in those cells attack you for one damage each. 1
Temporal mod.pngTemporal Cannot generate mana from cells. 1
Timeless mod.pngTimeless Your status effect timers do not update. 1
Toxic mod.pngToxic Stage contains toxic cells. 1
Trusty mod.pngTrusty Solvable without guessing. 0
Tunnel mod.pngTunnel Stage contains multiple floors. (Note: each floor counts as a new level for the purposes of effects like the Ominous mod) 1
Unchained mod.pngUnchained If you create a chain of 3 or more turns, take monster damage. 3
Uncharted mod.pngUncharted Contains an unknown number of monsters. 1
Valhallan mod.pngValhallan Stage contains Sanctified cells with items. At the end of the stage, take damage equal to number of empty sanctified cells. 0
Vengeful mod.pngVengeful Monsters deal damage before they die. 2
Vigilant mod.pngVigilant Before opening or chording a cell, nearby visible monsters will attack you. 2
Viral mod.pngViral At the end of the stage, duplicate all your omens if you are injured. 1
Wicked mod.pngWicked When you enter this stage, spawn 5 Cankers. 1
Windy mod.pngWindy Gain an item at the start of the stage. Lose two items at the end of the stage. 1
Withering mod.pngWithering Lose 1 life each minute. You cannot die to Withering. 2


  • v1.58
    • added Fraudulent
    • Elemental now difficulty 3 instead of 2
    • Unchained now difficulty 3 instead of 2
  • v1.57 added Disturbing
  • v1.55 added: Vigilant, Forsaken and Surrounded
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