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A turn can be defined as "a single action which uncovers one or more hidden cells". Chording expends one turn, as does single-clicking a hidden cell. Flagging does not. Some items will forcefully expend turns without needing to uncover a cell.

Turns will progress status effects. Familiars and bosses move once per turn. Flares and bubbles are emitted from their relevant sources once per turn.

Turn Related Items

Image _pageName Description Cost
Adrenaline Gain 5 defense. Every 30 turns, lose 1 defense until you have none. 9 coins
Alcohol Full heal, then gain souls equal to your life. Every 5 turns, you lose 1 life. 21 coins
Arcane Staff The first diamond you collect each turn will fully charge a random magic item. 30 coins
Batwing Boots [3 Leg Armor] Every 50 turns, gain an omen if you just clicked on a 3 or greater. 16 coins
Bellows Whenever you discover a 5 or greater, it gains Burning. Burning cells have a 5% chance to send a Flare in a random direction each turn. 31 coins
Black Rose Every 20 turns, convert all visible loot to omens. 0 coins
Bleeding Heart Whenever you lose life, lose the same amount of life after 50 turns. 0 coins
Blighted Totem Every 50 turns, increase the power of all stages by 1. 0 coins
Bloodcoil [400 Mana] For 3 turns, any monster damage you would take heals you instead. 50 coins
Blueberry Duplicast your magic items, then manalock them for 20 turns. 14 coins
Bonfire [120 Mana] Burn target sign, then fully heal by passing a number of turns equal to your missing lives, restoring 1 life per turn. 18 coins
Book of Faith You are immune to omens. Destroy this item after 333 turns. Pick up hearts at full life to extend this effect by 50 turns. 19 coins
Boom Bow [400 Mana] Reveal target cell if it's not already open. If the cell has a monster, 300 mana is returned to this item and the monster will explode in a 5x5 area after 10 turns. 26 coins
Brass Knuckles For the next 10 turns, you can powerchord any cell. 16 coins
Burnt Marshmallow Burning cells deal 1 additional point of life loss. Every 50 turns, lose your first consumable item and apply Burning to a random cell. 0 coins
Candy 25% chance to spawn a heart during the next 10 turns. 5 coins
Chain Whip Your familiars move extra times equal to the length of your chain. You can powerchord any cell as long as the length of your chain is 6 turns or greater. 50 coins
Chaos Portal [400 Mana] Uncompletes or unlocks a random stage. [[Keyword|Manalock]] for 50 turns. 30 coins
Chromatic Boots [3 Armor] Every 30 turns, fortify by 1 if you just clicked on a cell with a value equal to the number of stage mods. 19 coins
Coffee Every 10 turns, restore 1 life until you have full life. 10 coins
Diamond Boots [3 Armor] Every 30 turns, spawn a number of diamonds equal to the value of the cell you just clicked on. 20 coins
Divine Bugle [130 mana] Spawn familiars on all visible cells of 3 or greater and pass a turn. 20 coins
Divine Jack-O-Lantern [300 Mana] Reveal target cell, then manalock for 50 turns. Expand the radius of this item by your number of omens. 25 coins
Divine Mirror [500 mana] Use all of your consumable items without losing them. [[Keyword|Manalock]] for 50 turns. 25 coins
Divine Mud For the next 500 turns, when you use a magic item, gain 2 Minions instead of triggering its effect. 15 coins
Divine Rewind Every 100 turns, set your stats to their current values. 10 coins
Divine Slingshot For 20 turns, reveal 3 random cells each turn. Kill any monsters found in these cells. 10 coins
Divine Soothing Shell The stage power becomes 1 for 35 turns. 20 coins
Divine Sturdy Bow [200 mana] Target 3x3 area is revealed and all monsters in the area are killed. If at least 5 monsters were killed this way, return 100 mana to this item. 22 coins
Divine Time Capsule Gain 3 copies of a random inventory item. After 50 turns, lose all copies of that item. 17 coins
Divine Unstable Compound Every 10 turns, apply one of each elemental aura to random cells. 9 coins
Divine Whip Your familiars move an extra space each turn. Whenever you gain a familiar, pass a turn. 11 coins
Dragon Knuckles [300 Mana] For a number of turns equal to the monsters you have killed plus 1, you can powerchord any cell. 50 coins
Dreamborne [1000 Mana] Completes the current stage. [[Keyword|Manalock]] for 100 turns. 100 coins
Drill [60 Mana] For a number of turns equal to the value of target numbered cell, spawn loot in that cell each turn and conceal all cell values. 18 coins
Drone Every 20 turns, reveal a number of monsters equal to the length of your chain. Cancel this effect if you don't have a chain. 19 coins
Drugs Cells generate triple mana for the next 20 turns. Just be careful, ok? 5 coins
Electro Pulse Apply electric to all cells. After 1 turn, all cells lose their auras. 14 coins
Elemental Knuckles [200 Mana] For a number of turns equal to the sum of target visible 3x3 area, you can powerchord any cell that has an aura. 26 coins
Elven Whistle [300 Mana] For 5 turns, solve a cell each turn. This effect lasts an additional turn for each of your minions. 37 coins
Extortion Lose a random item every 20 turns. 0 coins
Fake Candy Spawn a Dark Heart every 10 turns. Whenever a heart is collected, increase the stage power. 0 coins
Faulty Bomb After 500 turns, this item will blow up and kill you. 0 coins
Fireplace Every 30 turns, each stage gains a Burning cell. Glean cells near Burning cells. 40 coins
First Aid When you enter a stage, restore 1 life each turn until you make a mistake. 27 coins
Fishing Pole Guarantees 1 Wishpool per stage. You may right click a Wishpool to go fishing: reduce its charges by 1, pass a turn, and see what you reel in! 21 coins
Flying Carpet [100 Mana] Gain 20% pathfinding and manalock for 100 turns. Lose the same amount of pathfinding after 100 turns. 44 coins
Friendly Fire Strangers send a Flare in a random direction each turn. 15 coins
Fruit of Labor After 50 turns without making a mistake, you win the current stage. 25 coins
Golden Boots [3 Armor] Every 10 turns, spawn 10 coins if you just clicked on a 4 or greater. 20 coins
Gravedigger Whenever you lose an item, get it back after 100 turns. 40 coins
Groupie Each turn you click on an empty cell, a random visible stranger relocates to that cell. 0 coins
Gumshoes [2 Armor] Every 30 turns, glean all hidden cells in a 5x5 area around the cell you just clicked on. 24 coins
Heart of Steel Every 50 turns, gain 1 defense if you are not injured. 30 coins
Hunting Whistle Whenever you use a Minion, gain a Minion after 50 turns. 16 coins
Ivory Boots [3 Armor] Every 50 turns, gain bones equal to the value of the cell you just clicked on. 19 coins
Jumprope Whenever you discover a 4 or greater, pass a turn. 21 coins
Ladybug For a number of turns equal to your total mana plus 1, you cannot take damage from failed guesses. 16 coins
Last Supper Gain 1 soul for each consumable item you have. For the next 300 turns, you cannot restore life. 19 coins
Leather Boots [1 Armor] Every 10 turns, gain a Minion if you just clicked on a 4 or greater. 13 coins
Lightning Bug Every 10 turns, apply electric to a random visible cell. 9 coins
Loan Gain 40 coins. Every 20 turns, spend 10 coins on debt. 15 coins
Longbow [400 Mana] Reveal target row. Kill all monsters in the row and return 20 mana to this item for each monster killed this way. 40 coins
Lycan Snag Every 20 turns, convert all strangers into monsters. 0 coins
Magical Bean For 1 turn, your targeted magic items affect the entire column and row of cells. 10 coins
Magic Smoke Bomb [200 Mana] Exit the current stage without completing. [[Keyword|Manalock]] for 20 turns. 30 coins
Manaboard Every 10 turns, if it's possible to fully discharge a random magic item, do so and lose 1 life. 0 coins
Mana Lung Each turn, gain mana equal to the sum of your chain. 34 coins
Master's Degree [400 Mana] Activate your mastery's ultimate ability, then manalock for 100 turns. 40 coins
Millstone Decrease the lifespan of your Sawblades each turn. Spawn a Sawblade whenever a status effect is completed. 37 coins
Mirror [120 Mana] Randomly use one of your consumable items without losing it. [[Keyword|Manalock]] for 40 turns. 32 coins
Morning Glory Pass 30 turns. 5 coins
Mortify If you take any damage, for the next 10 turns any amount of damage will kill you. 0 coins
Mud For the next 100 turns, when you use a magic item, gain a minion instead of triggering its effect. 9 coins
Nervewrecker Whenever a monster is revealed, your passive items are disabled for 20 turns. 0 coins
Nightcap [1 Armor] Fortify whenever you pass 1 or more turns. 22 coins
Ouroboros [500 Mana] Swap the selected stage's monster count with its maximum power. [[Keyword|Manalock]] for 50 turns. 90 coins
Overgrowth Spawn a Hungry Plant every 3 turns. You must pay 10 coins to feed a Hungry Plant. 0 coins
Padlock Every 50 turns, seal or unseal your entire inventory. 0 coins
Pendulum [150 Mana] Destroy orbs equal to the value of target numbered cell, then pass a number of turns equal to the orbs destroyed. 19 coins
Pennywise For 100 turns, collecting a coin flags a random monster instead of lining your wallet. 15 coins
Pillow Whenever you break a chain, pass an number of turns equal to the chain's length. 14 coins
Planned Obsolescence Whenever you gain an item, lose it after 101 turns. 0 coins
Poison Every 60 turns, you lose 1 life. 0 coins
Postbox [150 Mana] Spend coins to order a random item. After 10 turns, this item is added to your inventory. 15 coins
Profane Staff Whenever you collect a diamond, manalock a random magic item for a number of turns equal to its mana cost. 0 coins
Quest for Rest After opening 100 cells without making a mistake, pass 100 turns. 15 coins
Rewind After 20 turns, reset your stats to their current values. 18 coins
Ritual Chalk [200 Mana] Until you make a mistake, spawn a familiar in target empty cell each turn. 34 coins
Santa Boots [4 Leg Armor] Every 40 turns, gain a Present if you just clicked on a cell with a value equal to the number of visible strangers wearing santa hats. 0 coins
Slingshot For 30 turns, reveal a random cell each turn. If the cell contains a monster, kill it. 9 coins
Smog Every 150 turns, exit the current stage without completing. 0 coins
Snowglobe [150 Mana] Target cell gains Frozen. For the next 3 turns, relocate all frozen cells and their contents, revealing their original cells. 27 coins
Soothing Shell The stage power becomes 1 for 5 turns. 9 coins
Soulsludge Every 80 turns, you lose 1 max life. 0 coins
Spitwad Strangers send a Bubble in a random direction each turn. 15 coins
Sundial [250 Mana] Take the sum value of target 3x3 area. After that many turns, reveal that many random cells. 40 coins
Tattered Flag Every 10 turns, take 1 damage for each cell that is incorrectly flagged. 0 coins
Tear Gas Cell values are unknown. Lose this item after 3 turns. 0 coins
Thought Bubble Your orbs cannot bounce off walls. Every 10 turns, spawn an object inside a bubble. 40 coins


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