Frequently Asked Questions

I've never played minesweeper. Can I learn by playing DemonCrawl?


DemonCrawl includes a tutorial that covers all of the basic minesweeper mechanics. In fact, some players believe that DemonCrawl is the best way to learn minesweeper - the RPG-like health system means you won't necessarily lose by making just a single mistake.

We also recommend watching other DemonCrawl players on Twitch if you're interested in learning more advanced strategy!

Do I have to make guesses to complete stages?

DemonCrawl includes a Casual Mode with 100% solvable boards (no guessing), but if you wish to beat the game on Normal or Hard difficulty, you may need to guess sometimes.

The reason is simple: without guessing, there is no justification for adding items or other RPG mechanics to minesweeper. If every situation was 100% solvable, one could simply ignore all of DemonCrawl's extra mechanics and coast to victory - in fact that would be the optimal manner of play.

Instead, we want players to engage with our systems and feel rewarded for doing so. With strategic use of items, you can dramatically increase your chance of success. DemonCrawl is fundamentally a game about risk management.

We encourage new players to try the Novice Mastery, which was designed to reduce the frustration of guessing without removing guesses entirely.

Are you going to release paid DLC for DemonCrawl?

Nope, we're doing free DLC instead. 🙂

We recently released a massive expansion called Sweeping Heights, free for all of our players. There are several more expansions in early stages of development.

We are working hard to generate enough revenue through Patreon to bring these expansions to life. Please consider supporting us if you like what we do and want to see new DemonCrawl content for a long time to come!

Are there microtransactions in DemonCrawl?

There are zero microtransactions on PC.

On Android, we use a free-to-play model supported with the following microtransactions: Full Game Unlock, Adblock, and the ability to purchase Tokens.

Which screen resolutions are supported by DemonCrawl?

DemonCrawl officially runs in either 16:9 or 16:10 aspect ratio. You may configure the game client to run in any resolution, but you may encounter minor visual artifacts (e.g. black bars or stretched backgrounds) if you choose an unsupported ratio.

Can I transfer my save file between machines?


DemonCrawl save files are tied to your Steam account on PC and Google Play account on Android. You can access your data from another device as long as you are signed into the same account. At this time, save files cannot be transferred from PC to Android or vice versa. You may disable cloud functionality altogether if you so choose.

How do I restore my purchases after switching phones?

You can restore your purchase of AdBlock or the Full Game on a mobile device by simply tapping the "buy" button again from the main menu. As long as you're signed into the same Google/Apple account, DemonCrawl will detect your purchase history and unlock the features for you.

Will you port DemonCrawl to (insert your favorite console here)?

We are eager to bring DemonCrawl to as many platforms as possible!

Since our Nov. 2019 launch, we have successfully ported the game to Mac and Linux. We plan to tackle iOS and Nintendo Switch next!

Who are Therefore Games?

Therefore Games is an independent developer based out of Dayton, Ohio.

Founded by Eric Black in 2019, we are passionate about bringing original ideas to gamers around the world. To sum up our way of thinking, "if AAA studios won't make roguelite minesweeper, we'll just do it ourselves."

Are you working on other games?

We have other ideas for new games but have decided to focus our energy on DemonCrawl for the time being.

My game lags in the Endless Multiverse. Help?

Endless Multiverse relies on frequent texture page swapping due to the dynamic nature of the stage graphics. This can cause slowdowns on certain video cards. If you have an nVidia GPU, please see the following thread for a possible solution:

The solution involves changing a 3D setting within nVidia cPanel. AMD and Intel users may have access to equivalent settings, although we cannot confirm at this time.