v1.48 Closed Beta Patch Notes

Today is the grand opening of the DemonCrawl Beta Program!

Going forward, all major DemonCrawl updates will be subject to a 3-7 day beta testing period. This will give us a chance to catch bugs and respond to critical player feedback before pushing any big changes live. We believe this extra step in our development cycle will have a tremendous effect on the day-1 experience of a new patch.

Gain access to the Beta Program now by pledging your support for DemonCrawl on Patreon:

Note - there are only 100 Beta slots available, so if you're itching to try all the newest features, please consider joining the program before it's too late!

There are a few important distinctions about save profiles created in Beta:

  • They are not compatible with the standard build of DemonCrawl
  • They start with 1000 Tokens
  • All masteries unlocked
  • All gamemodes unlocked
  • Achievements disabled
  • Leaderboards disabled

We have also dramatically increased the drop rate of new items, bosses, etc, in beta builds.

For more information about our Patreon, please refer to the following blog post:

Now, onto the patch notes! We expect to deploy v1.48 to the Stable Branch early next week.

New Features

  • New avatar: FLIPPER
  • New inventory: CINDERS
  • Added keyword: Duplicast - "Activate a copy of one of your charged magic items. Targets chosen randomly."
  • Added keyword: Manalock - "For a number of turns, you cannot activate this magic item. It cannot gain nor lose mana."
  • New stage mod: Scrappy - "Monsters deal extra damage equal to the number of nearby cells that are not solved."
  • New boss: Heckaslug - Poison everywhere
  • New boss mod: Profane - "Whenever a Dark Heart is collected, randomly distribute 50 turns of manalock across your magic items."
  • New daily mission: Combo Hype - "Create a 5-turn chain of value 3 or greater, 10 times."
  • New Lv1 sigil impulse: Plunder - "Every [x] chests opened …"
  • New Lv1 sigil reflex: Cast - "… Duplicast a magic item that costs [x] or less mana."
  • New legendary item: Archmage Sceptre - "Whenever a heart is collected, duplicast your magic items."
  • New passive item: Bust - "Spawners are more common. Whenever an inventory slot would be sealed, you have a 50% chance to negate the effect."
  • New consumable item: Blueberry - "Duplicast your magic items, then they become manalocked for 20 turns."
  • New consumable item: Quest for Mythos - "After opening 100 cells without making a mistake, spawn 3 legendary items." (Much more rare than other quests)
  • New omen: Profane Staff - "Whenever you collect a diamond, manalock a random magic item for a number of turns equal to its mana cost."
  • New glint: Astral Glint - "Your quest will contain 3 Starponds"
  • New glint: Forward Glint - "Begin the quest with 50 cells opened since your last mistake. Begin the quest with 3 omens destroyed. Begin the quest with 3 chests opened."
  • New rare glint: Mega Glint - "Reduce the cost of your quest by half"
  • New crafting material: Dust of Chaos - "Upgrade a broken Lv1 sigil to the next level."
  • Added button in the credits screen to view top Patreon supporters
  • Added option to disable the freezeframe effect when rare loot or bosses spawn

Quality of Life

  • Guardian item has been renamed to Sentry Gnome in order to differentiate it from the mastery
  • Added new sign messages for some lesser-known mechanics
  • The toast notification for Pillow now states how many turns were passed
  • The "reset options" button now creates a 5-second window to cancel
  • If a syntax error is encountered in a translation file, DemonCrawl will mention this in its crash dialog
  • Beta only: new items are forcibly favored to make sure they show up more often during beta testing - this does not use up your favor slots
  • Windows only: you can right-click on the difficulty slider to move it in the opposite direction

Balance Changes

  • Lv2 prizebox Token quantity reward increased from [20-40] to [40-70]
  • Lv3 prizebox Token quantity reward increased from [300-600] to [600-1200]
  • Exorcist II rework: "Whenever you lose an omen, gain souls and defense equal to the number of omens you've lost this run."
  • Exorcist III charges reduced from 6 to 4
  • Wizard I subtle but important change: "The first Item Shop in the quest only contains magic items."
  • Wizard II rework: "Whenever you collect a diamond, duplicast a random magic item."
  • Firefly II has been rolled into Firefly I
  • Firefly II rework: "Whenever you chord a burning cell, shoot a flare in a random direction."
  • Guardian II rework: "Whenever you earn the Untouchable award, reduce the power of the next stage by your defense."
  • Spy III charges increased from 3 to 4
  • Opening the same cell twice in a row no longer increases your chain (it doesn't break the chain either)
  • Iron Will buff: "Gain 3 defense whenever your armor breaks." (Up from 2 defense)
  • Deerstalker buff: all cell values will be corrected when the item is equipped
  • Mage will now choose his random cells a little more intelligently, e.g. he won't target a visible cell if the item states "target hidden cell"
  • The above targeting logic also applies to duplicasting random items
  • Familiars can no longer collect Dark Hearts
  • Genie Lamp can no longer bring you to a Smithy
  • Elemental Knuckles price reduced from 31 to 26
  • Clarity price reduced from 12 to 8
  • Stocking price reduced from 25 to 22
  • Iron Will price increased from 14 to 17
  • Primordial Gate price increased from 31 to 40
  • Super Mana Potion price increased from 25 to 30
  • Adrenaline price increased from 8 to 9
  • Mana Lung price increased from 30 to 34
  • Venomancy buff: "When you target a cell with a magic item, it gains Toxic. When you complete a stage, lose 1 max life for each Toxic cell of value 5 or greater."
  • Dreamborne now has 100-turn manalock after use
  • Ouroboros now has 50-turn manalock after use
  • Chaos Portal now has a 50-turn manalock after use
  • Mirror now has 40-turn manalock after use
  • Elemental stage mod aura density reduced from 21% to 15%
  • Burning stage mod aura density reduced from 15% to 12%
  • Electric stage mod aura density reduced from 15% to 12%
  • Frozen stage mod aura density reduced from 8% to 6%
  • Pagan stage mod now creates souls instead of hearts
  • Dirty stage mod nerf: "When you leave the stage, take 1 damage for each different type of non-living object."
  • Flawless stage mod now triggers on monster damage instead of any damage
  • Each stage now tracks how many times it has been completed in the same quest
  • With each subsequent completion, the stage will provide half as much XP/score
  • After the second completion, the stage will become more difficult, similar to Mystic Statues
  • Living objects that were spawned into burning cells will burn to death at the start of the following turn
  • Bosses will die if they stand in burning cells for 3 consecutive turns
  • Boss burn tolerance increases by their number of boss mods

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Protagonist losing multiple legendary items upon acquiring the 3rd one
  • Fixed potential crash related to loot destruction on the same step as being collected
  • Fixed Lighthouse removing more monsters than stated
  • Fixed several boss mods activating on the collection of any heart instead of just dark hearts
  • Fixed Sacred Ground emblem providing only 1 Key item instead of 3
  • Fixed flares triggering the "reveal" script when colliding with visible objects such as chests
  • Fixed a crash related to Quest for Piety and Doughnut
  • Fixed chain value not increasing when opening a hidden cell
  • Fixed Quest for Quests not being able to generate a couple of the newer Quest items
  • Fixed rapidly flashing arrow on Chaos Font toast notification
  • Fixed the color palette on Arcane Staff
  • Fixed a couple instances of mouse input bypassing the freezeframe effect
  • Fixed a typo in the unlock requirement for Undertaker III
  • Fixed "Harvesting" boss mod
  • Fixed a rare crash related to Yesterking and the first stage of the quest being a special stage
  • Fixed Diamond armor not counting for Matching Metals achievement
  • Fixed a visual glitch related to re-rolling mods on an Immutable stage
  • Fixed a potential issue related to Warning Sign when used with few empty cells remaining
  • Fixed final cutscene not respecting custom cursor setting
  • Fixed Q5 cutscene alert getting stuck if the cutscene is skipped
  • Familiars can now collect glints
  • Rewrote a couple Hero Trial scripts, which may fix a longstanding crash related to restarting the Hero Trial
  • Gnarled Branch now correctly triggers on magic use rather than mana depletion
  • Improved click detection with Dirty Soap
  • Created workaround for rare crash that occurred when daily mission progress was not properly reset
  • The nomad that purchases your items will now verify that the transaction was successful before awarding coins (prevents infinites like Doughnut + another omen)
  • Fixed certain lingering properties when an item transforms into another item
  • Fixed Stake not updating the HUD correctly
  • Fixed Metagate cell pressed down sprite
  • Android only: Picking up items on the board now operates on a longtap, allowing you to see the item description with a short tap