v1.52 Patch Notes

New Features

  • Added a "posthumous hint" effect to show where you could have moved if you lose the quest

Quality of Life

  • Finality omen now creates a toast notification when you die
  • Refactored event trigger code for better localization and (eventual) mod support
  • We can now load event-driven item strings from external JSON files
    • For example, if you want to change the Extra Pocket text that appears when you enter a stage, you would add a line called "Extra Pocket_msg_ENTER_STAGE" to English.json
    • Dynamic text can be added to strings in the form of letter variables, e.g. "Reduced the stage power by $A!"
    • Most items do not utilize this new system quite yet… but they will soon! Proper documentation to follow as well.

Balance Changes

  • Mastery start of stage effects--e.g. Spark and Spy--will now trigger before items

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue related to the autosolver's understanding of the monster count
  • Fixed Blinding mod not concealing damage taken in the help menu
  • Fixed another issue related to immutable objects getting destroyed
  • Bugle can no longer activate before monsters have spawned
  • Divine Blood Magic can no longer activate before monsters have spawned
  • You can no longer pay the Gambler if he has no valid cells to move to
  • Added notification that you cannot switch codex profiles during a quest
  • Fixed minor memory leak with Bag of Tricks
  • Fixed Molotov incorrectly stating that you must be in the overworld to use
  • Fixed a typo in the monster name generator