August 02, 2020 Patch

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Source: v1.53 Patch Notes New Items and Legendary Reworks!

Version notes

Updated to game version v1.53.

Patch notes

New Items and Legendary Reworks!

Hi folks,

Hope your weekend is going well!

We just deployed an update for DemonCrawl that includes official Linux support, 5 brand new items, a prompt that lets you choose which legendary item to keep, various legendary tweaks, and several UI enhancements.

Patch notes 1.53.png

This patch also includes a lot of foundational work for localization support. We are very eager to begin translating DemonCrawl to other languages! If you think you can help with this, feel free to take a look at our documentation and shoot us an email at with some details about your professional background.

We hope you enjoy! Full patch notes are below.


New Features

  • Added Linux support
  • New Patreon reward set: Robot Uprising - 5 new avatars and 1 new inventory
  • New passive item: Primordial Bangle - "At the start of each stage, gain a random magic item if you have less than 200 mana."
  • New consumable item: Magic Munchies - "Gain a soul, plus 1 soul for every 200 mana you have."
  • New consumable item: Zeal of Love - "Spawn a heart. If you have to guess, convert all visible hearts to souls."
  • New consumable item: Zeal of Hate - "Spawn a monster. If you have to guess, convert all visible monsters to Minions."
  • New omen: Mystery Meat - "Your consumable item effects are randomized."
  • Implemented toggle mute buttons in the audio settings

Balance Changes

  • You may now decline legendary items from chests if they would replace an existing legendary item
  • If there's not enough space for a chest item to drop on the ground, the item will drop to a different cell instead
  • Arcane Barrier rework: "Whenever a monster is revealed, activate a random targeted magic item at its cell before taking damage."
  • Kingmaker rework: "Every 20 cells opened without making a mistake, spawn a familiar then solve all cells near your familiars."
  • Hypertrap buff: "Flag 25% of all monsters when you begin a stage."
  • Resolute Horn buff: "When you leave a stage, gain 2 souls for each heart you leave behind."
  • Resolute Horn price increased from 10 to 15
  • Sphere of Influence price reduced from 40 to 30
  • Blind Justice price reduced from 15 to 9
  • Ointment price reduced from 17 to 14
  • Badge of Honor price increased from 14 to 18
  • Fake Moustache price reduced from 50 to 45
  • Silver Bullet buff: doubled the base chance of converting a projectile to a Blessing
  • Paper Golem can spawn Quest for Mythos more often, though it is still quite rare

Quality of Life

  • Starpond will now tell you how many of each item you currently have
  • Stage mods can now stack in the UI
  • Improved appearance of burning cell particles
  • Thought Bubble orbs can no longer spawn right next to the edges of the screen
  • The vast majority of item notifications now support loading via external JSON
  • Quest names and description strings now support external JSON
  • Stage names are description strings now support external JSON

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue related to the autosolver's understanding of the monster count
  • Fixed Blinding mod not concealing damage taken in the help menu
  • Fixed another issue related to immutable objects getting destroyed
  • Bugle can no longer activate before monsters have spawned
  • Divine Blood Magic can no longer activate before monsters have spawned
  • You can no longer pay the Gambler if he has no valid cells to move to
  • Added notification that you cannot switch codex profiles during a quest
  • Fixed minor memory leak with Bag of Tricks
  • Fixed Molotov incorrectly stating that you must be in the overworld to use
  • Fixed a typo in the monster name generator