August 26, 2020 Patch

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Source: v1.57 Patch Notes - Mac Launch & New Items!

Version notes

Updated to game version v1.57.

Patch notes

v1.57 Patch Notes - Mac Launch & New Items! Hi folks,

We have a big DemonCrawl update for you today. :-)

First off, our Mac build has entered the stable branch! We're happy to say that the porting process was relatively painless, and that we should be able to utilize the same Apple dev tools to begin building for iOS soon.

As for the patch itself, v1.57 introduces 5 powerful new items and a new stage mod. The mod is quite unique and will almost certainly make an impact on any stage that has it... we hope it poses an interesting challenge!

Patch notes 1.57.png

Additionally, we created a new type of Nomad that will trade one of your items for another item. He's like a Bazaar, but in Nomad form. There are a few other mechanic changes you can read about in the patch notes below.

Finally, we added 3 community-made cosmetics, the first of their kind. A big thank you to Cubear and Celestial for these awesome contributions!

We hope to add more community cosmetics in the near future. If you would like to submit your own work for consideration, please do so at DemonCrawl's official Discord server. We can't wait to see what you come up with. :-)



New Features

  • DemonCrawl is now available on macOS
  • Added a couple more stages as unlockable Classic Skins
  • Added Trader Nomad - he will exchange one of your items for another item
  • New stage mod: Disturbing - "Living objects move toward your cursor. If you hover a living object, you take 1 damage."
  • New consumable item: Ladybug - "For a number of turns equal to your total mana plus 1, you cannot take damage from failed guesses."
  • New passive item: Feather - "Monster damage is capped to your number of items."
  • New magic item: Mana Tank - "[100 Mana] Gain 200 Mana." (Inspired by an idea from our Patron Blattdorf!)
  • New magic item: Demon Snare - "Flag all hidden monsters in target 7x7 area. Kill all visible monsters in this area. Remove a boss mod from each boss in this area."
  • New legendary item: Trump Card - "If you fail a guess, activate your mastery's ultimate ability before taking damage."
  • Added a new Mythic Emblem
  • Added a new Hero Trial modifier: Librarian - "Begin the quest with a research subject."
  • Added a gameplay setting to always highlight chains
  • Added Great Grandfather Rock avatar by Celestial
  • Added Photocopy paint by Cubear
  • Added Moonlight Rave paint by Cubear
  • Added localization support for various strings

Quality of Life

  • You can now use your "open cell" keybind to dismiss most popups
  • The names of most classic skins will be revealed if you have access to Hard Mode
  • Updated the description of Frozen aura to let players know that it can reduce the monster count
  • Added toast notifications for the following items: Divine Halo, Spirit Robe, Hellstone Chestplate

Balance Changes

  • Any excess items gained during a stage will drop on the ground, not just items from chests
  • Electric aura now affects Blacksmiths
  • The cell open requirements for Obelisks have been lowered from [20 to 30] to [15 to 30]
  • Gambler loses coins a bit less often
  • Gambler has a very small chance to randomly win a ton of coins
  • Reduced Token Shop price of Archmage Sceptre from 500 to 400 Tokens

Bug Fixes

  • Classic Mode skin unlock descriptions updated for clarity
  • Optimized code for the bullet points that appear in tooltips
  • Fixed negative defense counting toward "Just a Flesh Wound" Daily Mission
  • Fixed a crash that would occur if you tried to start a Hero Trial without an internet connection
  • Fixed a few rare crashes caused by Boot items trying to examine the last-clicked cell if you abandoned the stage in the same step
  • Fixed Prism of Intellect bypassing Mud
  • Fixed an issue with Swelling Rune and hidden cells
  • The alert logs no longer show amount of life restored on Blinding stages
  • The alert logs no longer show monster damage rolls on Blinding stages
  • Fixed magic heirlooms sometimes showing incorrect mana
  • Fixed a clickthrough issue related to board objects and the bottom HUD
  • Fixed a clickthrough issue related to the heirloom window
  • Fixed toast notification for Gnarled Branch
  • Fixed "Chamberlain" Hero Trial
  • Fixed Mud activating each turn if you have Brain in a Vat
  • Fixed hover region for items in the Token Shop
  • Fixes for Knight's Memento and Scholar's Memento
  • Fixed an issue with Elementalist Hero Trial effect
  • Fixed line height calculation issue in vertically scrolling UI elements
  • Speculative fix for particle issue related to Sawblades
  • Speculative fix for rare crash related to opening a monster on a Diverse stage
  • Speculative fix for leaderboards "my score" button
  • Android only: fixed banner advertisement covering up classic menu and patch notes windows
  • Android only: fixed cloud sync not taking prestige into account when determining which file to load