Hunter Mastery

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Hunter Mastery
Hunter Mastery.png

Tier I Begin the quest with 3 Minions.
Tier II Every 60 cells opened without a mistake, gain a Minion.
Tier III [2 Charges] Reduce the stage power by your number of Minions.
Unlock I Unlock by completing a quest with at least 5 Minions.
Unlock II Unlock II by completing a quest with at least 10 Minions.
Unlock III Unlock III by completing a quest with at least 15 Minions.

The Hunter Mastery is focused on Minion.png Minions.

General Uses

Hunter excels in no-emblem "vanilla" Beyond mode. Since their ultimate only takes two charges, they are one of the few classes that can use their ability during a standard Beyond run. If no mistakes are made in the first two stages, it is fairly easy to have enough minions to reduce the final stage's power to 1-1. In addition to making the stage much easier, monsters will only ever deal one damage and therefore only kill one minion per mistake. Effectively, this means that the player can click on any cell they want while they have at least one minion which is more reliable than clicking a minion and having them flag a random monster.

This doesn't work for bosses which can increase the stage power, such as Lost Shaman. Also, adding an emblem adds stages which means this strategy is still valid but more stages must be played with minimised minion use.


Using the Hunter's ultimate then restarting the level will reset the stage power. The Hunter ultimate does not change the power of a stage permanently.