July 01, 2021 Patch

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Source: v1.76

Version notes

Updated to game version v1.76.

Patch notes

v1.76 Patch Notes Hi folks,

DemonCrawl's tropical Summer Event is now live! Check out the announcement post for more details.

In addition to a ton of new seasonal content, this patch marks the debut of Arena, our online multiplayer gamemode! Arena is officially in Open Beta - we plan to monitor server performance carefully in the coming days and deploy any fixes as needed. We're keeping our fingers crossed for a smooth launch, but please bear with us should we encounter any technical issues. Thank you!

Full patch notes are available below. Have fun!


Summer Event

  • Complete the holiday questline to earn 4 new avatars and a new inventory skin
  • 11 additional avatars are available through Prizeboxes
  • Participate in summer tournaments to earn a ton of Tokens
  • Each run, you will encounter one of three summer afflictions
  • The Shopkeeper has stocked up on summer items
  • The Shopkeeper's handing out free water, what a cool guy
  • Added unique holiday stage
  • Reskinned menu graphics
  • Added Summer Special Chest
  • New holiday Mythic Emblem
  • New seasonal boss: Trixie - "Play Beach Ball like your life depends on it, because it does."


  • DemonCrawl's new online multiplayer mode is now in Open Beta
  • Choose between Manual and Autosweeper division depending on your playstyle
  • Added Season 1 avatar rewards
  • Implemented Arena Plus DLC for extra online perks

New Features

  • New magic item: Beach Ball - "[20 Mana] Throw at a stranger and be prepared to have a radical time, dude!"
  • New consumable item: Water - "Gain 50 mana."
  • New consumable item: Sunscreen - "For 100 turns, you are immune to burns."
  • New consumable item: Shark - "Cook by removing Burning from a random visible cell, then gain the ability to powerchord any cell until the end of the stage. Or sell raw at an Item Shop for 40 coins."
  • New omen: Sun Burn - "Every 100 turns, remove all Frozen auras and get burnt."
  • New omen: Dry Spell - "At the end of each stage, lose half of your mana."
  • New omen: Hurricane - "Each stage has an additional Wishpool. You cannot activate Wishpools. Whenever a Wishpool gains a charge, drop your other items on the ground and destroy any objects in the same quadrant as the Wishpool."
  • Added blueprint for Wishing Coin

Quality of Life

  • Updated visual effects for Fishing Pole
  • Updated color of Discord button to match their new branding guidelines
  • Adjusted appearance of main menu labels
  • Changing the difficulty on the quest selection screen no longer restarts the music

Balance Changes

  • War Paint nerf: "Whenever a living object dies, solve 3 cells."
  • Updated several item recipes to utilize the new Starfish artifact
  • Lowered the chance to encounter a seasonal boss from 50% to 33%

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the price of treasure chest Nomad not increasing with use
  • Holiday bosses can no longer override special encounters like Ego
  • Magic Dice can no longer target the Metagate
  • Fixed a couple bugs related to Ectoplasm
  • Fixed an issue related to the sigil that procs on death
  • Fixed a rare crash related to Novice Doll
  • Fixed Ghost not being able to interact with the Dimensional Portal while dead
  • Fixed expiration of Plum status effect