July 18, 2020 Patch

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Source: v1.51 Patch Notes

Version notes

Updated to game version v1.51.

Patch notes

Hi folks,

Hope you're having a good weekend!

We just released a small stability patch for DemonCrawl. Full patch notes are below!


Bug Fixes

  • The Novice III ability can no longer activate if the stage is already done
  • Fixed an issue with the autosolver and fake cell values
  • Fixed a couple other fringe issues with the autosolver
  • Fixed buggy interaction between Novice and the Trusty stage mod / Casual Mode
  • Fixed visual alignment of the inventory button in one of the tutorial popups
  • Fixed a crash related to the Dark Chest curse that increases stage power
  • Fixed a crash related to the Dark Chest curse that adds monsters
  • Fixed a crash that would occur if you had a Tablet of Drocer in your heirloom slots before v1.50
  • Fixed duplicate level-up alerts
  • Fixed a rare input issue related to Sawblades and the inventory panel
  • Speculative fix for rare crash related to Patron Saint

Hotfix #1 @ 10:47 PM EST -

  • Fixed Dirty mod dealing 1 more damage than intended
  • Fixed Sinister Portal mod always providing the same omens
  • Fixed Portal Mods in Endless Multiverse not resetting if you restart after dying

Hotfix #2 on 2020-7-19 @ 5:34 PM EST -

  • Fixed a crash that occurred if you tried to use the Novice III ability outside of a stage
  • Fixed Tablet of Ne'kot giving fewer tokens than intended
  • Fixed a rare issue with Wizard III not properly charging a magic item
  • Fixed a couple additional issues related to the Friendly Glint spawning a Harbinger
  • Fixed a crash related to Mega Tokens and Magnifying Glass
  • Fixed a rare crash caused by having an heirloom of an item that was renamed between versions
  • Speculative fix for crash related to popping bubbles after reloading a quest