October 18, 2020 Patch

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Source: v1.62 Patch Notes

Version notes

Updated to game version v1.62.

Patch notes

Hi folks,

We just released another stability patch for DemonCrawl! Full patch notes are below.


New Features

  • We can now load custom images into inbox messages via HTTP(S)

Quality of Life

Balance Changes

  • Elemental Fuel will now prioritize the spread of your most prevalent auras
  • Eternal Jelly will always generate items worth at least 3 coins

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Guardian II bypassing lives lost through losing max life
  • Active armor is now written to the disk using the item name, preventing issues between updates
  • Guaranteed objects can no longer spawn in the (spoiler) post-Q5 stage
  • Fixed Evolving mod not being marked as seen when encountered
  • Fixed Halloween mythic emblem having a much lower droprate than intended
  • Fixed Book of Maths breaking string shortcodes
  • Added Trump Card to Deck of Cards
  • Rite of Passage costs exceeding 999 will be abbreviated
  • Fixed an issue related to the "Shine" sigil attempting to reveal monsters before any have spawned
  • Fixed an issue related to Fireplace that could lead to multiple effect stacks
  • Fixed pathfinding Mystic Statue always granting 15% pathfinding instead of a value based on stage power
  • Fixed stages losing Halloween backgrounds when reloaded
  • Fixed casing on Treasure Chest unlock message
  • Fixed an infinite loop related to Mirror and Blueberry
  • Fixed a crash related to Dreamcatcher and special chests
  • Added workaround for Dreamcatcher not capturing a guaranteed chest that was revealed on the first move
  • Speculative fix for rare crash related to the freezeframe effect
  • Speculative fix for crash related to locked special chest graphic
  • Speculative fix for multiple Thought Bubbles not stacking properly



Bug Fixes

  • Implemented workaround for GameMaker's broken url_open function