Seasonal Events

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Seasonal events are limited time content. This may include quests which reward the player with unlocks when completed.

Halloween Event - second half of October.

Christmas Event - second half of December.

Event Quest Requirement Reward
Christmas '19
Halloween '20 Donate 7 candy Carved Up (avatar)
Halloween '20 Apply cursed to 20 cells Haunted Bath Towel (avatar)
Halloween '20 HALLOW WIN Beat Hallow 3 times in Quest mode. Frankenstein (avatar)
Halloween '20 Kill the Maniac Hockey Mask (avatar)
Halloween '20 NO SUCH THING AS GHOSTS Spook 50 spookers Wickerwork (Inventory skin)
Christmas '20 AGENT OF SANTA Give 3 presents to Strangers. Santa's Helper (avatar)
Christmas '20 BABY IT'S COLD OUTSIDE Rescue 10 Strangers from ice. Penguin (avatar)