Paragon Rod

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Paragon Rod
Paragon Rod.png
Description [400 Mana] Convert all visible loot to items.
Category Magic
Cost 100 coins

Allows the player to generate a significant number of items without having to fill their inventory by picking them up. Incredibly useful for forcing synergies to occur.


Does not have a blueprint.


  • Due to the sheer amount of items of any cost it can spawn provided enough loot, Paragon Rod is considered the primary way to go infinite by many players, and is very commonly heirloomed through use of a Scribe.png Scribe.


  • v1.68 Paragon Rod price increased from 80 to 100
  • v1.48 Reverted change to Paragon Rod so that it can drop items with cost 0 again (however, it won't drop Mementos like it used to)
  • v1.42 Paragon Rod can no longer spawn items with a natural cost below 1 (e.g. Mementos) (Omens, Minions)
  • v1.41 Paragon Rod price increased from 50 to 80