January 02, 2021 Patch

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Source: v1.68b Patch Notes

Version notes

Updated to game version v1.68b.

Patch notes

v1.68b Patch Notes

Hi folks,

We have just released a stability patch for DemonCrawl to resolve a few important issues. We will update this post throughout the day if any subsequent hotfixes are deployed. Thank you!


Bug Fixes

Hotfix #1 @ 7:17 PM EST -

  • Fixed a rare issue that could prevent Battering Ram.png Battering Ram from activating
  • Fixed another issue that could prevent bosses from spawning
  • Fixed an issue related to Blessings and projectile penetration
  • Fixed a hardlock related to Divine Shadowbind.png Divine Shadowbind and Doughnut.png Doughnut
  • Speculative fix for Divine Mortar.png Divine Mortar crash
  • Speculative fix for rare crash related to status effect tooltip

Hotfix #2 @ 9:07 PM EST -

  • Fixed a crash related to entering an Item Shop with Red Dye