Sky Song

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Sky Song
Sky Song.png
Lv2 Mythic Emblem
Effect First stage has no stage mod

Second stage gains

Third stage gains

Third stage gains

Boss stage gains

Boss Yesterking
Sigil Lv2 "Strung"
Divine Lyre.png Lyre
Cost Token.png100 Tokens

Cloud.png100 Cloud
Lightning.png100 Lightning

Wing.png100 Wing

Sky Song is a Beyond mode Emblem.

"There is a tension in the harmony of opposites."



Drop Condition

Mythic Drop Sky Song.png

When you use Lyre.png Lyre on a Skies Stage on the Select a Stage screen, there is a small chance (~1/100 ?) you will obtain Sky Song.

A large number of Enchanting Rune.png Enchanting Runes and some Mana Tank.png Mana Tanks should make this manageable.

Can be obtained from a Beyond quest Skies as a combined stage (confirmed for Skies as the second name like "Septic Skies").