Tide Jewel

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Tide Jewel
Tide Jewel.png
Lv2 Mythic Emblem
Effect First stage has no stage mod

Second stage gains

Third stage gains

Fourth stage gains

Boss stage gains

Boss Spellbinder
Sigil Lv2 "Magical"
Divine Bubble Wrap.png Bubble Wrap
Cost Token.png100 Tokens
Pearl.png100 Pearl
Coral.png100 Coral
Teardrop.png100 Teardrop

Tide Jewel is a Beyond mode Emblem.

"A remembrance of past worlds."



Drop Condition

Mythic Drop Tide Jewel.png

When you use Fishing Pole.png Fishing Pole in an Ocean Stage to take fish from a Wishpool.png Wishpool, there is a small chance (~1/100 ?) you will obtain Tide Jewel.

As the Bubbler Mastery.png Bubbler Mastery with a Bubble Rod.png Bubble Rod, you could make one wishpool with a large charge number and then duplicate many copies of it with Battery.png Battery. You can duplicate Wishing Coin.png Wishing Coin to infinitely charge a wishpool.