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Item Shop Stage Select.png

Special stages are non-minesweeper stages in a quest.


Special stages appear in quests on the select a stage screen. They are optional, when unlocked they also unlock the next normal stage.

Some effects that mention "stage" can work on special stages, but only if they function on non-minsweeper stage properties. For instance you can unlock, uncomplete, or "exit without completing" a special stage. But you can't add monsters, increase the stage power or add Stage Mods. Similarly, effects that trigger when you complete or begin a stage do not count special stages.

Special Stages

Item Shop

Special Interior Item Shop.png

Allows the player to exchange gold for items. Item costs in the shop are randomly adjusted up or down by about 50%(?) from the base costs in the codex. Hard mode quests add an additional +25% to all costs. The items that appear are limited to those with base costs from 1 coin up to to slightly more than the amount of coins you have. This means it is normal to spawn items you can't quite afford, especially on hard.

Omens do not usually appear in the shop, as well as other items that cost 0 coins. Because it costs 1 coin, Dead Rodent.png Dead Rodent is an exception. Or many omens may appear if the player has the The Plague.png The Plague.

With a Merchant Ring.png Merchant Ring, the player can also sell items. The shop will not buy Omens, except for Dead Rodent.png Dead Rodent.

Item Shop Related Items

Image Name Description Cost
Big Fish Cook by removing Burning from a random visible cell, then restore 3 lives. Or sell raw at an item shop for 30 coins. 0 coins
Big Wallet Shops have 3 extra items. 8 coins
Capitalism If you spend at least 30 coins in an item shop, it remains open. 9 coins
Charge Coin When you enter an Item Shop, cut the prices in half. 25 coins
Closed Sign After you purchase an item from an Item Shop, immediately leave. 0 coins
Divine Capitalism If you spend coins in an item shop, it remains open. 17 coins
Divine Stocking [500 mana] Gain a present for each item shop you have completed. 16 coins
Divine Thief Bag [20 Mana] Steal the selected shop item. 50% chance you will need to escape! 24 coins
Divine Voucher Receive selected shop item for free. 20 coins
Fish Cook by removing Burning from a random visible cell, then restore 2 lives. Or sell raw at an item shop for 10 coins. 0 coins
Hobo Cap When you enter an Item Shop, increase the prices. 0 coins
Merchant Ring You may sell items at Item Shops 10 coins
Price Gouger Item Shop prices are unknown. 0 coins
Punchbag Whenever you leave an item shop, uncomplete the first stage of the quest. 17 coins
Rewards Card Reduce the prices of Item Shops and strangers by 3 coins. Whenever you spend at least 20 coins, gain a Present. 12 coins
Shark Cook by removing Burning from a random visible cell, then gain the ability to powerchord any cell until the end of the stage. Or sell raw at an item shop for 40 coins. 0 coins
Shopping Bag Item shops never run out of items. 7 coins
Shop Key [100 Mana] Spend 5 coins to uncomplete the selected Item Shop. 15 coins
Small Fish Cook by removing Burning from a random visible cell, then restore 1 life. Or sell raw at an item shop for 3 coins. 0 coins
Thief Bag [20 Mana] 50% chance to steal the selected shop item and make a clean escape. 17 coins
Voucher Receive a random shop item for free. 10 coins
Wallet Item shops have 1 extra item. 4 coins


Special Interior Bazaar.png

Similar to an item shop but the player will be offered 3 selections. These selections will consist of one of the following choices:

  • Buy a player's item
  • Sell an item to the player
  • Exchange an item for an item the player owns

On making a selection, the selection may refresh with another choice. Unlike item shops, bazaars may buy or exchange omens.

Chaos Font

Special Interior Chaos Font.png

The player is offered a price and 6 options. These options will be 4 random non-Omen items of various costs, 1 omen and an exit. If the player pays the indicated cost, they receive an option at random, which is replaced by another exit. If they draw an exit, the font will dry up and the player will be ejected.


Special Interior Altar.png

The player will be offered 3 omens, each with a reward beneath it. 2 will offer the player souls, and the third may offer either souls or a revive. The player can accept an omen for the indicated reward. Be aware that if the player has an omen which prevents the gain of lives, the altar will not care that the player cannot gain the reward but will still give them them omen.

Rite of Passage

Special Interior Rite of Passage.png

The player can pay a gold cost to increase their max life, increase their defence or gain a flat amount of mana. The player will get one offer for each category, buying any one will exit the stage.

There are 7 "tiers" of exponentially more expensive upgrades (from +1 to +7 hp/defence or increasing amounts of mana). Each offer will be a random price the player can afford from either the highest tier the player can afford or the next tier below. The chances are in some way proportional to the coins on hand. The closer the player's coins on hand are to the top of a range, the more often they receive prices for that range instead of the one below. For example +3 offers are technically possible when the player has exactly 21 coins, but are very unlikely.

Coin cost range Max Lives / Defense Mana
5 +1 +200
6-20 +2 +300
21-72 +3 +400
84-360 +4 +500
420-2160 +5 +600
2520-15120 +6 +700
17640-27720 +7


Special Interior Library.png

The player can choose from a random selection of words like "flare", "omen" and "explode". The player will then be given an item which features that word in its description. This item can't be an omen but is otherwise a random item of any value. For the rest of the quest, all items you find by any method will be much more likely to be items with that term in their description. Your score box will say "You have become a specialist in <BLANK> items."


  • Armor
  • Book
  • Coin
  • Defense
  • Discover
  • Explode
  • Familiar
  • Flare
  • Kill
  • Life
  • Loot
  • Magic
  • Minion
  • Mod
  • Morality
  • Omen
  • Orb
  • Pathfinding
  • Power
  • Reveal
  • Soul
  • Stage
  • Stranger
  • Target
  • Turn


Special Interior Waygate.png

Presents three other stages in the current quest. All stages and special stages are potentially included, whether locked/unlocked or completed/uncompleted. The player may choose one of them to immediately enter it, or leave the waygate to decline. In either case the waygate becomes completed.

The stage you are transported to will complete as it normally would. You will usually want to visit other available special stages before using the waygate, to have a chance access them twice.


Special Interior Starpond.png

Purchase metaprogression items such as emblems and artifacts for Tokens and coins. Found in the second half of every quest on Hard mode and above. Does not replace an existing Item Shop.


Special Interior Guild.png

Purchase strangers and spawn them in bubbles. You may buy the same stranger multiple times. Each Guild has a random selection of strangers.


Special Interior Lighthouse.png

Reduce the difficulty of the following stage by choosing 1 of 3 options at no cost:

  • remove monsters
  • remove a random or add a positive stage mod
  • reduce the stage power

It can only affect the closest non-special stage, which encourages you to use the Lighthouse as soon as it is unlocked.


Special Interior Smithy.png

Purchase random head, body, or leg armor. You must complete another stage before your armor is ready. Return to the Smithy later to collect your item.


Special Interior Academy.png

Replace your mastery with one of 3 random masteries. Your new mastery will be tier 3 even if you don't have it unlocked. It starts fully charged.


Special Interior Workshop.png

Pay Mastery charges to buy from a choice of 3 Mastery Dolls. The one corresponding to your own Mastery is always one of the choices.

Special Stage Related Items

Image _pageName Description Cost
Anvil Gain a random armor item whenever you enter a special stage. Whenever you gain defense, fortify all of your armor by the same amount. 18 coins
Genie Lamp After each stage, you will visit a random special stage. 30 coins
Shinobi Veil [1 Head Armor] When this breaks, gain souls and defense equal to the number of special stages you have completed. 18 coins


  • v1.69 added 3 Library research subjects: "Book", "Pathfinding", "Morality"
  • v1.65
    • Chaos Font can now contain legendary items
    • Chaos Font can no longer contain items that cost less than 1
  • v1.63b Workshop buff: the center Doll now costs 2 charges instead of 3
  • v1.63 added Workshop
  • v1.50
    • Reduced the coin cost of Starpond items by one third
    • The Library can no longer give omens
  • v1.41 added: Guild, Academy, Lighthouse, Smithy, Starpond

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